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You don’t have to let the pandemic get your spirits down. While the casinos are mostly affected due to the necessary health protocols that we need to observe, you need not worry because there are safer and more comfortable ways to continue your winning ways. With online casinos emerging as the viable alternative to the culture of betting and gaming, EFA99 has stepped us its game to become one of the emerging leaders in the industry. A quick visit to the EFA99 website is all it takes to see why this online casino company is on the rise.

With a great selection of game providers, ample gifts and bonuses, and opportunities for huge payouts, EFA99 is a guaranteed destination for both newcomers and veterans of the online

Games and Promotions available

Whatever is you level of preference, EFA99 has exactly what you are looking for. Are you a hardcore poker or blackjack players? Then EFA99 has the right number and selection of casino partners for you to choose from. Are you a casual player who just wants to relax and try your luck with the slot machine games? Then EFA has exactly what you are looking for with their perfectly fair slot game options.

EFA99 guarantees that only the best most updated providers are on their platform. There is always a game that will suit your skill set, and your passion for playing the odds. Whether you just like to play with the element of luck or join something more strategic and compelling, EFA99 will satisfy your needs, EFA99 has the right platform and game to suit you. You have the option to play in real time with real players across the world in the comfort of your home, safe from the reaches of the pandemic. As soon as you register or log-in, navigating their site is fast and smooth.



Here are the featured betting platforms and games offered in the EFA99 website.

Live Casino – For dedicated casino players, EFA99 has great variety. If you are into the tried and tested casino classics such as craps, blackjack, baccarat, roulette, poker, or even keno-style lotteries, then you can browse through their partner providers which include the top casino software icons and live casino streams in the world today: Evolution Gaming, CT855 Live Casino, WM Casino, 888Mega, and EVO888. You have the option to go live with live dealers and players, if you prefer!

Slots – Are you the type of player who just wants to mix chilling out with winning? Then slot gaming is definitely highly recommended for you. EFA99 offers the best platforms for digital slots which absolutely guarantee fairness and randomness. EFA99 guarantees that no game is rigged. EFA99 is in partnership with some of the world-class providers that offer the best experiences in slot-gaming. These include EVO888, 918Kiss, 888Mega, Pragmatic Play, 918Kaya, Playtech, and Spadegaming. Time to turn on those digital levers and collect your winnings!


EFA99 offers profitable signing bonuses, high payout opportunities. In fact, they have a substantial list of bonuses–from signing bonuses to random picks–that will surely make your gaming more compelling.



EFA99 offers generous gifts and rewards to its trusted customers. These gifts are excellent incentives for players to invest their time and money in EFA99’s great games. They provide welcome bonuses to newcomers upon registration and log-in. On top of this, they also offer daily bonuses in the form of in-game transactions and perks on games. The daily angpao is a cute gift that will surely captivate the interests of players. EFA99 is even generous that they give angpao bonuses for free trials. Only a few other online casinos can match that level of customer benefit.

Regulation Security and License

The standard of reliability and security is compounded by owning several gaming licenses from authorities such as Gaming Curacao.

Sign Up Process

Naturally, the first thing to do is visit the Efa99 homepage. Once it loads, click the “Join Us” button on the top right. You will now see the main form for the registration process. Fill in each field in turn, including name, phone number, and email address, then set a username and password. Once you’ve done that, click the “Join” button at the bottom.

Deposit and Withdrawal

Once your account is verified, click the “Deposit Now” button in the top right, then “Add a bank account”. Provide the necessary details, then enter the amount you want to send and confirm the payment. After playing a few games I hope you will have some winnings in your account. To withdraw them, simply click the “Withdraw” button at the top of the page and use your previous bank details or provide new bank details to transfer funds to another account.

Mobile and App Review

The EFA99 website is easy on the device, easy on the eyes and easier to browse. The user-interphase and drop menus are well-placed. There are no excessive advertisement banners or link re-directs to distract you. The screen has a beautiful black background with some digital sprites. Instructions and other visual elements are done crisp white font for better visibility. Whether you are using a laptop, a desktop, a tablet, or a smartphone, there are no losses in resolution, quality of graphics, or performance speed. Whether you are running on Android or iOS, EFA99 games run with no lag or disruptions. EFA88 truly offers great browsing experience. Everything about the EFA99 mobile and app looks modern and professionally programmed. All menus and prompts function according to standards of both the customer base and the industry.

Customer Service Support

Customer Service Support is a highlight of the EFA99 online casino app. You immediately get that type of quality service once you visit their website. A handy and easy to navigate message button is highlighted at the bottom of the app to give you instant access to their excellent customer support. EFA99 has a well-trained and very responsive Customer Service Support staff that will go out of their usual way so that all questions and concerns are answered and addressed. The EFA99 Online Casino Customer Service Support can be easily contacted since they are connected to the frequently used communication apps such as Email, Telegram, WeChat, WhatsApp, and LiveChat. Just look for the cute girl with the dialogue box, and you will know that you are not being fleeced of your money.


EFA99 comes with a five-star recommendation. In an industry where hundreds of new online casinos seem to pop up every week, they are among the best, if not the best. With the sheer number of online betting and gaming platforms right now that it is often very difficult to determine which are the legitimate and which are the questionable ones. If you are not careful, you might be wasting your time, or worse, you money on some blacklisted online casinos who will scam you as soon as you register. Wouldn’t you want to just play and have fun and have a nice payout instead of the anxiety over the suspicion that your data is the victim of some phishing activity? Well, you do not have to waste your time and money. EFA99 is exactly what you are looking for to have that satisfying casino experience.

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