How to Play Baccarat Singapore

It’s loads of fun playing baccarat, whether at a Singapore online casino or a land-based one. The elements of suspense of this fascinating table game will keep you glued to your seat or screen for hours.


What’s more, the game is easy to learn and play. It features a Player’s hand, Banker’s hand, and a Tie. You’re required to bet on the Player’s or Banker’s hand, and if the hand you bet on emerges with the highest score, you win. 


Ready to immerse yourself in the baccarat world? Let’s first walk you through the gameplay rules and tips.

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Dealing Out the Cards

First things first: a player has to place a bet. There are two hands – the Banker’s and the Player’s hand. As mentioned above, you wager on either option.

The croupier deals out cards from the shoe (dealing machine). Each hand is dealt two face-up cards, with the Player’s hand going first.

If you’re playing online, hit the deal button after you’ve placed the bet.

Possible Baccarat Outcomes

In baccarat, outcomes are determined by comparing the totals of the cards on both hands. Each round has the Player Win, Banker Win, and Tie results. The winning hand is the one that holds a higher card value, and 9 is the highest score.

Determining the Baccarat Card Values

An ace equals one point for tens and face cards ( Jacks, Queens, and Kings). The remaining cards (2-9) carry the same points as their face values.

Let’s assume you bet on the Player’s hand. You are dealt a Q and a 7, and the Banker’s hand is dealt a pair of 2s. The Player’s hand value would be 7, whereas the Banker’s hand 4.

What happens if the total value of the cards is two digits (10, 11, 12, etc.)? In such a case, the focus shifts to the second or correct digit.
Suppose the player spot has a four and an 8. The total value is 12, and a bet on a score closer to 9 will win the round.

Natural Win

A natural win occurs when the points of the two face-up cards total 8 or 9, whether it’s on the Player’s or Banker’s hand, and there’s no drawing an extra card. In other words, the game ends right here.

Conditions for a Third Drawcard

Play continues if no hand has a total of 8 or 9 points. There are a couple of other rules that dictate how Players should draw the third card.

Essentially, these additional rules add sophistication to the game, making it a little more exciting.


.A player’s hand goes first.

A player doesn’t call for a third card if their hand has a total of 6 or 7. Instead, they stand.

A player draws a third card if the value of their cards is 0-5, except in a case where the importance of Banker’s hand is 8 or 9.

When a player stands, the Banker receives a new card only if their hand is 0-5. If their hand total is 6 or 7, they stand as well.


That’s not all, though. Participants in Singapore casinos have other rules to keep in mind. In line with that, here’s what happens when the Player’s third card is:


If the banker total is two or less, the Banker draws a card, regardless of the Player’s third card.

If the banker total is 3, the bank draws a third card unless the Player’s third card was an 8.

If the banker total is 4, then the bank draws a third card if the Player’s third card was 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.

If the banker total is 5, the bank draws a third card if the Player’s third card was 4, 5, 6, or 7.

If the banker total is 6, the bank draws a third card if the Player’s third card is a 6 or 7.

If the banker total is 7, then the Banker stands.

Calculating the Winning Hand

At the end of the round, the person who emerges as the winner is the one with points closer to 9, as previously highlighted. If the Player and Banker have the same issues, the game’s outcome is considered a tie. Neither the Player’s hand nor Banker’s hand loses or wins.


Players who place bets on the Banker’s hand may be subjected to some commission fees when they win. That’s if they are playing commission versions of baccarat. Usually, a 5% commission is charged on every winning Banker’s bet.

Tips to Get the Most Out of Online Baccarat Gambling Singapore

Tips to Get the Most Out of Online Baccarat Gambling Singapore

Like any other online casino game, playing baccarat takes a combination of skill and luck. Learning the rules alone is not enough.

There are some things worth knowing because they can make a difference in your overall baccarat gaming experience. From an expert point of view, you don’t necessarily need to master fancy betting systems or strategies before getting started.

Well, you are good to go with the following simple, practical tips and tricks:

1.Understand the casino advantage

When playing baccarat, always remember the odds are slightly stacked in favour of the Banker. It doesn’t matter whether the Singapore casino operators use one deck shoe, six-deck shoe, or eight-deck shoe.


However, there’s a slight difference in the odds between the decks. You may think the difference is negligible, but it matters a lot in any game of chance.


Let’s break it down for you.

House edge of a single deck dealer shoe 

Banker bet – 1.01%
Player bet – 1.29%
Tie bet – 15.57%

House edge of a six-deck dealer shoe 


Banker bet – 1.06%

Player bet – 1.24%

Tie bet – 14.44%


House edge of an eight-deck dealer shoe 


Banker bet – 1.06%

Player bet – 1.24%

Tie bet – 14.36%


Now to the odds of winning baccarat, here’s how they are assigned:


Banker’s hand wins 45.84% of the time

The Player’s hand wins 44.61% of the time

Tie bet wins 9.45% of the time.


So, it makes sense to bet on the Banker.

2. Capitalise on a winning streak

If you enter a winning streak, don’t bet against it. Suppose you placed a bet on the Banker, and it seems it’s your lucky day. The best thing to do is keep placing bets on that hand for as long you continue to win.


But even when on a winning streak, it’s wise to adjust your wagers reasonably. You don’t want to wager everything you have in your Singapore online casino account for maximum returns, and things could quickly turn against you.


It is not unheard of gamblers being overcome by frustration and starting to chase losses after they had a good run.

3. Don't bet each round

If you factor out the probability of the Banker’s or Player’s hand winning after a full dealer’s shoe of cards is dealt, you’ll realise there’s a near 50/50 split.


What does this mean? Things are good when your hand is winning. But if the bets you’ve placed are going against your hand, you could quickly go through your bankroll.


Taking breaks can be helpful to extend your fun at a casino. Watch the outcomes of the missed round(s) and bet on the hand that wins. Or, bet when you feel the odds of a Player’s or Banker’s hand winning again have dropped.


If you had a winning streak and it comes to an end, it’s still a good idea to take breaks as well. Hold off for at least one bet.

4. Count card values

Counting cards is one of the most practical ways to figure out whether the Player’s or Bankers’s hand has the advantage of winning. As such, you can adjust your bet as you feel more face cards or low-value cards are likely to be drawn next on the hand.

Baccarat Q&A

What happens if each hand has a total of 6 points after the initial deal?

Best Answer

If the Player's hand has a 6, they stand, and the Banker also stands on a total of 6. So, this is a draw. Neither hand loses or wins.

What is the highest total number of points in baccarat?

Best Answer

The baccarat system uses a single digit to determine the score, with 9 being the highest possible total value. Of course, you'll be dealt cards with totals exceeding 10. The value of the hand is the second or correct digit in the count. Suppose you have a pair of 9s. The accommodation is 18, meaning 8 is the value of the hand.

Will a casino charge you commission if you placed bets on the Banker's hand?

Best Answer

Yes, you will pay a 4% or 5% commission on every winning Banker's bet, but 5% is the most popular rate. Casinos charge commissions because the odds of winning favours the Banker's hand.   If a Singapore casino offers non-commissioned baccarat, you won't pay that fee. There's a catch, though. If the Banker's bet wins with a 6, the dealer takes half of the amount you wagered.

What is a typical baccarat wager in Singapore?

Best Answer

Singapore online casinos have different minimum bet requirements. Generally, though, players can expect to wager anywhere between $20 and $25 on baccarat.

How much does it to play baccarat?

Best Answer

Ideally, it would help if you were looking at a minimum of $25.

Is it possible to bet on both the Banker's and Player's hands at the same time?

Best Answer

Unfortunately, the rules dictate that you bet on either hand. However, if you play baccarat side bets, you may place a bet on the other hand ( Banker or Player).

Does it make sense to bet on the Banker and Player?

Best Answer

If you do the math, you'll realise it may not be worth the effort. Winning bets are paid 1:1. And most Singapore casinos charge a commission for bets placed on the Banker's hand. As such, if your Banker's bet wins and the Player's hand loses, winnings might not be enough to compensate the wagered amount fully.

Who draws in baccarat?

Best Answer

A Player and Banker tie or draw when they cannot pick another card because they have the same card value, and the operator returns the bet on the Player or Banker. Baccarat payout is appealing for those who correctly predict the next hand will end in a draw. Usually, houses pay 8:1 or 9:1. But Ties happen 9.45% of the time.

When a player draws a ten or face card as their third card, and the Banker card value is 5, can the Banker take a new card?

Best Answer

No. The Banker is required to stand if the value of their hand is 4-7, and they can only draw another card if their hand total is 0-3.

Does every Singapore casino charge a commission on Banker's bets?

Best Answer

Most of the casinos charge a 5% fee for betting with the Banker. While baccarat is a game of chance, the Banker's hand offers better opportunities of walking away with something from your gaming session.


If you’re gambling at a Singapore casino without a history feature to track past wins and losses, try to keep a note. Even though that history won’t dictate the following baccarat outcome, it can improve your betting decision-making.

Wrapping Up

It doesn’t matter the type of baccarat you choose to play in Singapore, and the rules are essentially the same. That’s why this game is the darling of many players.

If you don’t feel ready to commit your money yet, you can hone your skills in the free baccarat games.

But let us make one thing clear – don’t be afraid to make mistakes along the way. Gaming online is a learning process, and even the most successful baccarat players still make mistakes.

Perhaps the essential part is to gamble responsibly and have fun. While baccarat presents you with an opportunity to win money, it shouldn’t be treated as a source for making money.

Wager what you can afford to lose, never chase losses, stick to your set bankroll budget, and play at a secure online casino in Singapore.

Happy gaming!


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