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Online sports betting is the newest craze among the youth of Singapore and if you wish to join the fun, you are welcome. We provide all the background information you need to get started. We have done a detailed study of the online betting activities in the city-state and what you get here is the comprehensive view from the list of suggested bookmakers to the way to go about betting online.

If you are looking for some useful tips on understanding the way the odds are put out during major sporting events, your quest will end here. You will also know where to go to make your bets in Singapore. You will be guided through the present laws in Singapore governing gambling.

If you are already aware of all the information, you don’t have to wait. You can directly go to the betting section, pick the bookmaker out of the ones we have diligently shortlisted for you and start placing your bets.

What Can You Expect from the Betting Sites in Singapore?

We tried doing a fair evaluation of the different online betting sites available to the Singapore residents using diverse parameters. Some of these are key to the successful functioning of the sites and these have been given more weightage in this evaluation. Based on this, we have tried to rank the sites as well.

The Features Considered Important

Online betting sites attract new customers with introductory bonuses. These are continued when customers come back to play again on the site. The bonuses are structured in a way to give cashback to the customer for the equivalent amount deposited or even more than that. This ensures the customer keeps playing or betting till he/she exhausts the total amount deposited as well as the amount received as a bonus. We hope to match or better these offers on our online betting platform. You may never run out of money on our site.

It is quite clear that as our customers, you must be able to bet on as many games as possible. These will include popular sports like basketball and football and other such sporting events happening anywhere in the world, not just in Singapore. Our recommended online betting sites may be operating out of Singapore, but they will allow you to place bets on all these events.

One important feature regular players of online betting sites look for is the facility to make payments and receive remittances when you make winnings on your bets. In the traditional brick and mortar model, you exchange dollars for chips. When going online, you would want to use your debit cards or credit cards to make the deposits. The sites we will recommend to you will be the ones that have the easiest ways to transfer payments. There will be prompt acknowledgments on the amount being credited into their accounts and the creation of your credentials to start placing the bets.

As you may be aware, Singapore Pools is the Singapore government-run online betting website and it has sports betting too as part of its offerings. If you are feeling that Singapore Pools offers you a better betting atmosphere than some of the bookmakers we would be recommending on our sits, you should reconsider that. The bookmakers on our recommended list may be operating from outside of Singapore but they don’t place any restrictions on betting on their sites. It is Singapore Pools that places conditions, one of which is that you have to be 21 years old to bet on the site.

There are other benefits of choosing the bookmakers on our list for placing bets online. The age factor is one and if you are 18 years old, you are allowed to bet on the sites of the foreign bookmakers. There is another major drawback with Singapore Pools. The site covers betting in sports like football, horse racing and motorsports. Foreign bookmakers on the other hand bring you a much wider choice of sports. This opens up the avenues for you to explore and try your fortune.

From the bonuses point of view too, the bookmaker sites we recommend are far ahead of Singapore Pools. The government-backed site does not offer any welcome bonuses. The odds quoted too are more attractive with the foreign bookmakers. Your objective of having a lot of fun is better achieved on the platforms we recommend than on Singapore Pools.

When it comes to the multiple options available to make payments, the foreign bookmakers have a customer-friendly process. For those of you trying to make bets on these sites from Singapore, these may be quite familiar.

Internet banking, for example, is something you may be using often. It makes it easy for you to transfer money from your bank account to the foreign bookmaker’s account a breeze. You may be holding your savings in a checking account in a bank in Singapore. The betting site will provide their account details. You will have to add their account as a beneficiary and start making the transfers. Your bank may have a system of informing you that the amount has been credited to the betting site’s account. It may take a little longer for the betting site to acknowledge the credit in their account.

You get the option to make transfers through e-wallets as well. Accounts like Skrill or other such digital channels are good enough for sending and back money from the betting sites.

Credit and debit cards are also accepted on many of the sites. You can use these cards issued by your Singapore bank for this purpose, provided your bank has no restrictions. Some banks have issues permitting the use of credit and debit card payments for gambling purposes.

The foreign bookmakers are open to accepting payments in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin too. For the record, you may be pleased to know that even the prepaid cards you use on shopping sites are accepted as long as the amount to be deposited gets transferred to their account.

The betting industry all over the world has its own unique features. One of them is the way the betting is done based on the odds. With technological advancements, the odds are now determined by complex computer formulas. The odds format changes with the country from where the bets are placed. If you bet in Hong Kong, it’s called Hong Kong odds. You will find American odds and European odds and UK odds. In Asia, besides Hong Kong, you have Malay and Indonesian odds as well. In Singapore, the European odds have been adopted. In Europe, it is the decimal system.

As an example, if there was a football match between two popular clubs and the odds of one team winning may be quoted at 1.51. This means if you bet on that team and it wins, you will get paid in that ratio. If you had bet $50, you will be paid $75.5 (50×1.51). Incidentally, Singapore Pools follows the European odds. The foreign bookmakers figuring in our recommended list are open to accepting bets in any format, including the European odds.

Your Preferred Sports for Online Betting

Based on the analysis we did, we found that Singaporeans are fond of many sports. Among them, football, cricket and basketball are the most popular.

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At home, the Singapore Premier League football tournament is quite popular among the local populace and a lot of betting takes place. But the other marquee tournaments like the English Premier League (EPL) and the Spanish La Liga and the Italian and German leagues are also closely followed by the fans in Singapore. You will be able to place your bets on all these matches on our recommended sites.

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Cricket is another popular game among Singaporeans. Betting is carried on for bilateral series around the world, in limited-overs (50/20) format as well as tournaments like the Indian Premier League (IPL).

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It is mostly the NBA that attracts betting fans. Once you sign in to any of the bookmakers' sites, you will find that they cover a large number of other sports as well. Depending on your interest and knowledge, you can wager bets on these other sports too.