How to Play Roulette Singapore

Initially, roulette was introduced in the 17th century in France by Blaise Pascal and where you first played it. Today, the game is known to be
one of the most popular gambling games in Singapore. The exciting thing about this beautiful game is the spinning wheel which has many
numbers printed on it. The spinning wheel of the roulette is mounted on a board; a player who desires a particular number throws the ball into it.
The downside of this game is that the player has no control over the outcome of the game.


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The Fundamentals of How to Play Roulette

However, there are several roulette systems that you need to select first before you start on with the game. Depending on the chosen plan
and your ability to learn the game, you would win. Therefore, the essential point is you have to learn how to play roulette. Once you have
acquired the skills, you will indeed have a chance of winning the game.

This game allows up to eight players to play and place their bets on a number or some numbers. These numbers can either be in black or red
in colour or odd or even numbers. As the wheel of roulette is spinning. The main objective of the game is to guess where the ball will land. Once
everybody has placed their bets, the dealer, also called a croupier, starts spinning the wheel. The ball is also rotated in the opposite.

Direction to determine what number or colour to decide the winner. The croupier is also responsible for the placement of the bets of the players.

Several casinos show the number history. By doing so, the player has the chance to see what the last twenty or so numbers to hit were. This
will help the player to decide which specific numbers are “due” or “unlucky.” Note that the roulette ball does not have a memory. Therefore. No
numbers are scheduled to come up because they have not appeared in a particular number of spins. Most roulette wheels
have 38 slots in the USA roulette, while European the wheel has 37 numbered slots. And each player purchases chips of a different colour.

Once the ball stops, those players who could guess correctly numbered or coloured pocket the ball lands win the round. It is also advised to
know where to place your respective bets when playing roulette. By understanding the correct positioning of chips for number combination
bets, you will avoid the delay of the game.

Betting Strategies in Roulette

Roulette lets players select multiple bet types, including several varieties of inside bets and outside bets. These systems offer a good array of
techniques and betting probabilities. You have to understand how everything can help your roulette game before casting your chips on the

  • Inside Bets

    This type of bet has six kinds of chances for a roulette player. They include - the corner, five-liner, split, straight, street, and six-line bets. The inside bets are known for their biggest payout; however, they also provide the minuscule odds of winning. Furthermore, the stakes are executed in a particular manner inside the grid.

  • Outside Bets

    Outside bets are safer bets and assure good returns, such as lower half bets. This type of bet also has three kinds of bets, namely even-money, column, and dozen bets.

  • Column Bets

    These are bets placed on a particular column of numbers on the table. It is executed by placing the bet on the space provided at the column's bottom and it pays two to one.

  • Dozen bets

    These bets pay similarly to Column bets and are bets made on one of the three dozens in the game. These numbers include 1 to 12, 13 to 24, and 25 to 36. Bets are placed in the corresponding regions of the table.

  • Corner bets

    These are bets made on four adjacent numbers, and it is executed by placing bets at the junction of the four numbers, paying eight to one. Five This type of bet is found only in American Roulette. The chances are made on the numbers 00, 0, 1, 2, and 3. Five-liner pays six units for every betting unit and is executed by placing bets on the intersection of 0, 00, and 2.

  • Straight

    This is a type of bet is where a wager made on a single number. It is executed by placing the bet squarely inside the numbered grid, and it pays 35 to one.

  • Split

    With this type of bet, two numbers are involved. It pays players 17 to one, and it's executed by placing the wager on the line that separates the two numbers.

  • Street bets

    Also known as the three-number bet. This bet is executed by placing chips on the line found at the row's end, and it pays 11 to one. Six-Liner or Liner bets This type of bet pays five to one, and it's a bet made on two rows of numbers. It is made by placing bets on the end of the line. dividing or separating the two rows.

  • Even-money bets

    This type of bet has three varieties: the high/low. The odd/, and the red/black/even. Wagers on this type of bet are placed on the space provided for them. Even-money bets pay even money, that is. one is to one.

Tip and Tricks to Play Roulette

Playing roulette is a lot more than placing your chips on a table and letting the wheel spin. Learning how to play the game involves a complete
understanding of roulette odds and intricate betting strategies that you can use to make a profit. Below are some tips and tricks to help you out.

Learn the Rules: The best way to begin learning roulette is by familiarizing yourself with the rules. You should thoroughly read every direction and
understand it. There are various ways of placing bets in roulette, and each system has a different return and risk factor. Therefore memorize
each rule to be a good roulette player. Avoiding even a technicality can translate into losing cash in a game. For example. Players can
familiarize themselves with an essential aspect of the en prison rule, a feature only found at all European Roulette. The government only applies
whenever the ball lands on zero. The player can leave the ball for the next spin or surrender half of the wager.

Do lots of Practice: The best way to understand this beautiful game is by practice. However. Exercising by engaging in real games can prove to
be costly training. Therefore, it would be wise to play practice games online without using real money. Online casino Singapore offers roulette
games where the bets are executed using real money. When you think you are ready, go ahead and begin assessing your odds reasonably
and precisely in the practice games. Consider moving to a high-stakes table only when you feel confident in the game. You will soon notice
how important it is to learn how to play roulette and eventually have the edge over those who haven’t learned and practised.

If you want to place a real bet, you can go to Eclbet and practice in person, via the trusted online casino website

  • Understand the Roulette Systems

    There are various roulette systems available on the net, namely D'Alembert Labouchere and Martingale. These systems will make the game fun and are based on different mathematical and statistical concepts that can help you understand the odds. It is essential to learn and understand these systems before you play for real money. Stick to European Roulette: The benefit of playing roulette offers a wider choice of games and roulette variations. One game to stick to is the European Roulette. Why? Because you can effectively lower the casino's mathematical advantage to just 2.63%, this provides you with greater chances of winning more often. Avoid Placing Low % Bets with a small Bankroll: Although roulette bets such as single number bets and street bets offer high returns on your stake, the winning odds are low. For those who have a small budget to play with, try avoiding these bets because you're likely to go bust rather quickly.

  • Avoid playing American Roulette

    The earliest determinant of one player's expected gain or loss is the roulette table where they choose to play. American Roulette carries lesser odds for the player, which means, most of the time, it offers the casinos a higher advantage over the players at approximately 5.26%. So if you're playing roulette to win, you might want to avoid playing this version of roulette unless you are sure of yourself. Focus on Even Money Bets: If you want an excellent way to make the most out of your fund while still enjoying playing roulette for longer. Why not place your bet on even-money bets. This type of bet provides 50:50 winning odds; therefore, you can earn back a lot of payouts on your bets. Other than that, this type of bet can help you wager money without going broke. It is vital because any money you bet will reflect and add to your First Deposit Bonus which you will withdraw in future.

  • Focus on Even Money Bets

    If you want an excellent way to make the most out of your fund while still enjoying playing roulette for longer. Why not place your bet on even-money bets. This type of bet provides 50:50 winning odds; therefore, you can earn back a lot of payouts on your bets. Other than that, this type of bet can help you wager money without going broke. It is vital because any money you bet will reflect and add to your First Deposit Bonus which you will withdraw in future.

  • Don't purchase Roulette Systems

    Stop wasting your money paying for any roulette system that promises a definite jackpot. There is nothing like a guaranteed win. Many individuals will imply that they have the magic formula to cheat the casino on roulette effectively. However, it wouldn't be long for the casinos to find out and amend their software to prevent players from winning every time.

Play Online Roulette

Playing roulette online is just like playing in every other casino and is a relatively simple process. One of the best things about this game is that
due to its availability online, you can now play it anywhere you want, plus the rules of the game are so easy to pick up.

First, you need a computer with online access since some websites offer games that you can play only on a ‘Live Gaming’ basis. This means
that you will not be able to play without internet access. Also, note that high connection speed is vital when playing online roulette. This is
because you will receive a real-time streaming video that demands considerable bandwidth. Therefore. The slower the connection, the lower
the video quality.

Here we recommend the online casino with the best quality to you. Many players make bets here. Eclbet Singapore can provide you with the most perfect service and quality.

Next, establish an account with one of the online casinos. Signing up on online casino Singapore to play roulette will do you good, for it will
reward you with some cash bonuses as you play along. After opening an account, the online casino Singapore will guide you through their
registration process and how to fund your account.

As a rookie, it is always wise to first try out the free games provided by the website. This will give you a chance to get a feel of the wheel and
check out any different available bets. It’s always a smart move to have a practice in unrestricted areas first. However, the interfaces of most live
online roulette games are relatively easy to use. Once you know the basics and are well versed. You can start looking at the various strategies
to increase your odds of winning in the real account.


The roulette game is based on luck with some structure on the principle of mathematical calculation. One of the mainstays of Singapore
casinos has always been the Roulette wheel. Players are addicted to this game; some leave the table with millions while others leave empty-
handed. One thing for sure is that it is tough to win roulette without applying the proper strategy and tricks.

When playing roulette. Either online or live, feel free and experiment with the various kinds of bets. The odds of these bets are about the same
relative to the true odds; therefore, no one chance is remarkably better than any other. Identify the ones you believe are fun and try them out. Itis
also vital to understand that the more and longer you continue to play the game, you are bound to lose the game at some point; therefore, it is
wise to quit the game if you sense you are losing it. It is all about taking a risk.