Live Casino consist of classic table games ranging Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, Sic-bo, Dragon-Tiger, Poker and many more. There will be live dealer where you will watch and bet through high-speed live streaming, making it easy to enjoy live gambling experience like that in a land-based casino, at the comfort of your own home or at place you like.



AE Casino is the leading online live casino provider in South-East Asia and they are committed to providing an unprecedented experience for all players. AE Casino has also recently launched the Asia and Chamber of India, introducing Taiwan and India’s beauties presenting players a new online experience of the best interactive visuals.



Dream Gaming is the leading online live casino provider in Asia, offering a powerful, innovative and immersive set of live casino gaming solutions to players and giving players a wonderful experience as if they are practically in the casino with a live dealer.



Dream Gaming is the leading online live casino provider in Asia, offering a powerful, innovative and immersive set of live casino gaming solutions to players and giving players a wonderful experience as if they are practically in the casino with a live dealer.

Online Live Casinos in Singapore - Everything You Need to Know

With the rise of online casinos in Singapore, live casinos are also becoming very popular. You have the brick and mortar casinos, where a dealer controls the game around a table and people place live bets. The same happens in the virtual casino, where there would be a live conductor/dealer on the other side and you place your bets online and watch the screen to see the progress of the game.

If you are keen on playing in a live casino, you must first become familiar with the way these casinos operate. You should not fall prey to someone trying to cheat. The two main things you must be sure of before starting to bet on live casinos is the reliability of the site in terms of prompt settlement of payments and the quality of games being played. 

Important Features of a Good Live Casino

Your search for a good and reliable live casino should start with knowing the features it offers. The term ‘quality of the game’ here refers to how it is structured. It should not be so tough that the chances of winning are practically down to zero. It should not be too easy as well; otherwise, it will be a sham. Besides, the quality of communication between you and the live dealer should be excellent. This is another area where there is a direct comparison between what transpires in an offline casino and an online live casino.

In an offline casino, the dealer will be right in front of you and there is no way he or she can ignore what you are saying. In the online casino, you would expect a similar response from the live dealer. This provides you a sense of comfort and trust that there is transparency in the proceedings. A good live casino will invest in the latest technology so that the connectivity is superior.

The Live Casino Must Offer Attractive Payouts

The next important factor you should be looking at is how good are the offerings on the live casino in terms of the winnings. Again, the best casinos will keep a healthy ratio between the amount you are asked to deposit to play the game and the winnings when you call the right bet.

You will find the information on their website and you must study and understand them before you start betting at the live casino. You may also wish to check on the reviews posted online about the casino. Those who have played earlier would have commented on how good the live casino is and how prompt they are in making settlements. Whether you are playing with the bonuses you got or real money you have deposited, you must check these details. It makes your experience in the live casino much more interesting.

It is true that not all online casinos are unreliable or resort to cheating. There may only be a few of them. However, taking precautions is recommended.

Save on Your Hard Disk Space by Playing Live Games

One advantage you have of playing live casino games is that you don’t have to download the games and play. This saves on the hard disk space, especially if you are running short of it. In the regular gaming scenario, you would be registering in different casino sites and downloading your favorite games to be played later. On the live casino, you should check the variety of games on offer. You may like many of them. You may still have to download some software but it may not occupy a lot of space as opposed to downloading games. You may need to login to just one live casino if you find the dealer there is offering multiple games.

How to Select the Best Live Casino?

Choosing the right live casino in Singapore may not be a cakewalk. You must try a few before you conclude. Just don’t start playing on the first live casino you come across. Try a couple of them like Red Stag and Slots Capital. These two are considered reliable and safe to bet on. There are ranking sites that do due diligence on the live casinos and post the reviews as well as their ranking. It may be advisable for you to go through these sites first.

Check the Bonuses on Offer

Online casinos offer generous bonuses when you sign up. These are usually in terms of cashback. If you deposit SG$100, you may get SG$100 as cashback. This is just an example. This means you can keep playing in the casino and bet up to SG$200 before you spend any more money. If you earn anything in the meanwhile, you can use that too to play more. Due to intense competition, the online casinos vie with each other by sweet-coating the bonus offers. Some may even allow you to play for free for a limited period without making any deposit. You will be eligible to keep what you win.

The Technical Perspective

Once you become familiar with the way the Singapore online casinos operate, you will find that some of them have used better software to develop their sites. You can easily navigate within the casino, open the games and play. The style in which the games are displayed with high-end graphics and background music will give you the feeling you are inside a real casino. This is also important to create the right atmosphere for you to play and win, whether in the live casino or elsewhere. There are specialized game developers in the business and you should check if one of them developed the game you are about to play.

Take a Look at Their Jackpot Balances

The Singapore online casinos offer a jackpot in each game on their site. A part of the winnings in the game are retained and these are called progressive jackpots. That is because the amounts keep adding up till someone wins the jackpot. The progressive balance is indicated on the game’s dashboard. The jackpot amount could also be an indicator of how popular a game is.

Some Singapore live casinos are listed below. These are gambling platforms with high jackpot balances and several players from the Lion city have won a lot by playing in the live casinos.

Some Well-rated Live Dealer Casinos with Access to Singapore Players

Bitstarz: Bitstarz has many games on the live dealer category. You can bet on the roulette table or play baccarat and blackjack till you drop tired. The site boasts of over 2,600 games and the flexibility to accept a wide range of currencies including cryptocurrencies. The live casino claims it offers fast cashouts. 


BetVictor: BetVictor is another online casino offering live dealer games. This is an international online casino that lets players from over 100 countries to bet on its platform. There are as many as 500,000 customers from these countries. Among the live games with dealers on call are blackjack, baccarat, and blackjack. Try your luck.

MyBookie: You may find the live casinos on MyBookie casino quite attractive with its customer-friendly features and practices. The live dealers are quite friendly and cooperative and the games are quite interesting to play.

Some of the Live Dealer Casinos You Must Avoid

Among the Singapore live casinos, some should be avoided for obvious reasons. These include:

Jackpots Heaven: This online casino has earned a lot of negative feedback through their actions. They lack an effective customer support strategy and their payouts are quite slow in coming.

 Vernons: Vernons is another online casino Singapore player should stay away from. You may find your winnings are not being credited to your accounts.


Locks: This casino is figuring in this list since the feedback from players who had made bets have some bad experiences to recall.

How to Make Payments on Online Casinos?

You can choose to make your deposits on the online casinos using Singapore dollars or US dollars. You can use cards like Visa, MasterCard, or bank transfers through apps like Click2Pay, Skrill, or Neteller. Western Union is another option to make money transfers. Most of these channels may be available for making withdrawals of the winnings as well.

If you are wondering if you will be able to make bets on the online casinos from Singapore, please be informed that if you are over 18 years, you can register and play. Since these platforms try to focus on Singaporeans, more players from Singapore might be playing at any given time. But there are players from around the world present and betting on these platforms.

FAQ - Live Casinos Singapore

Is online gambling illegal in Singapore?

Yes. The Remote Gambling Bill prohibits betting online and if found guilty, the person could end up paying a steep penalty of $5,000 and/or a jail sentence of 6 months. Internet service providers can block the casino sites.

Despite this ban, there have been Singaporeans active in online casinos

What payment solutions Singaporean players usually use?

It has been observed that a majority of players from Singapore use channels like Skrill, Neteller, and EcoPayz to make deposits on online casinos. This helps them avoid the prying eyes of the authorities.

Is my deposit safe in online casinos?

You don’t receive any kind of guarantee for the amounts you pay on an online casino. However, most of them are genuine and pose no risk. However, you must do your due diligence before you make the deposit.

What kind of games online casinos usually offer?

There is very little difference in the type of games you find in online casinos and the traditional ones on the ground. The same roulette, blackjack, poker, baccarat and slot machines are found online. The live dealer rooms within online casinos are quite exciting as you can participate and feel you are in a real casino. You can indulge in sports betting too on these sites.

Can I access my account via different devices?

Yes. Most of the leading online casinos are platform neutral and you can use your PC, tablet, or mobile phone to play. They are available on Android and iOS devices alike. You need to register only once.