How to Play Sicbo

Whether you’re someone who likes strategic games or you want to take a break from action games, Sic Bo is the perfect game. In case you didn’t know, Sic Bo is a kind of game where players bet on their predicted dice roll result. It originated from the Chinese word, which means previous dice, jewel dice, or pair of Dice. It gained popularity as a Casino game in ancient China. However, as time passes, it has been spread worldwide, including Singapore’s centre of the economy.


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The Basics in "How to Play SicBo?"

Many people want to try this game but are not confident enough to play in Online Casino Singapore. Some even want to learn how to play it for entertainment purposes. Perhaps, that’s why Sic Bo has also been available in online games. Sic Bo applications available online don’t require betting but are a simple game without any luggage. The popularity of Sic Bo is not just because of Casinos but also because it is straightforward to learn and strategize.

How to Play SicBo? In this article, we will tackle the complete guide in playing sic bo. But, first, you will learn all the basics, including the rules and strategies needed for you to play the game.

Say, have you ever played Sic Bo before? Because if not, there is nothing for you to worry about. Let this guide get you started.

  • The Game

    As stated earlier, Sic Bo is all about predicting or the outcome of rolling Dice. There are six sides in a dice overall, so the chances are fair enough for every player. For beginners, many partake in the play by simply anticipating the outcome; But for the experts, they compute all sorts of things like the rolling of dice, the side showed before rolling, and many more. Again, though, it is an experience that taught them almost perfect forecasting skills. If you have already grasped the game itself, we can now move on to the other element of Sic Bo.  

  • The Dice

    The Dice used in the Sic Bo game is not just one, two, but three. So yes, even though Sic Bo means pair of dice, the actual game features three pieces of Dice to be rolled. It is usually in red to provoke and persuade entertainment, and it is generally put on a glass container before rolling.

  • The Dice Shaker

    In the ancient time of playing Sic Bo, some actual people did the roll. But through the technological innovations in Online Casino Singapore and for a more fair roll, it eventually went to an electric dice shaker, also known as a cage.

  • The Table and its Layout   

    The table of Sic Bo is similar to card games like Mahjong. It is a board of knowledge because all the space contains rules, numbers, and scores in the game. All payouts and bets are highlighted in the table, so there is no need to memorize them every time. If it is your first time seeing it, you may get confused about how it works. Though, once you practice it, you can quickly get a grasp of it. Moreover, this guide will teach you all of the things you need to learn.

  • The Digital Board

    The modern casinos, or perhaps almost all casinos, have electronic boards to play Sic Bo. That's because it is more convenient in showing the outcomes of the game for recent rounds. This is solely for aesthetic purposes and to give the game a unique flavour. You don't need to use these details to place your wagers, and it's exclusively for your entertainment.

  • The Dealer 

    Since you cannot play Sic Bo without the dealers, they are counted as a game element. So first off, two dealers in the game are always ready to monitor the bets, exchange chips, and ensure the game's movement. These components will be seen in the game so ensure that you have familiarized yourself with them.

The Objective Reminder in "How to Play Sicbo?"

These may seem redundant, but this needs to be repeated. Sic Bo is straightforward to play and is almost all about chance and luck. To start the game, you will need to get chips and place them on the designated boxes on the board. Then, I’d the dice outcome shows the same TV you’ve bet, you win.

Step-by-step Sic Bo Gameplay

“The Objective Reminder in Playing Sic Bo” is the summarization of the game. However, more details need to be tackled for you to understand more in the game. If you think you already know it, you may browse in the advance part. But if you feel you need to know more, please proceed in the overview displayed below.

  • Buy Chips 

    Chips are your ticket to playing the game since it is also the one you bet. So the first step of playing Sic Bo is to buy yourself chips. The Dealer is in charge of exchanging your money into chips, so hand the amount you think will get through the time. Do not play impulsively, especially if it is your first time, because it may cause you a fortune without strict measures. Remember that you are only playing by chance.

  • Place Your Bet

    Once the dealer hands you the exchanged chips, you may start to place your bets in the designated square/box on the Sic Bo table that you think is the winning piece. Again, you should not be impulsive, but you should not overanalyze it either. Just take some time to think of combinations that your instinct tells are right-no need for drastic measures.

  • Rolling the Dice

    When the player's bets have been placed in the designated boxes, the Dealer will roll the Dice through a cage or a dice shaker. You will activate the Dice check by pushing the start button. So, when the dice rolling stops and the outcome matches your bet, it means you win. The Dealer will then give you the proper payout.

  • Win or Lose 

    The game goes in that cycle. In case that you got the bet wrong, the Dealer will contact the chips as a sign that you lost. After this step, the game will restart in zero states. If there are sudden questions that you want to ask, you should feel free to ask the dealers, and they are more than willing to help.

Types of Sic Bo Bets

Since Sic Bo is all about getting the right combinations, you can freely bet on the place bets through the different types and techniques. This part will tell you about the power of combinations.

  • Single Number Set 

    These are wagers on any range from 1 to 6, which might appear on the subsequent rolling of each of the three dice. The payment odds for this play are determined by how some of the three dice produce your number. If it appears on one of them, you will be paid 1 to 1, and you will be paid 2 to 1 and 3 to 1 if it appears twice or three times.

  • Double Number Set 

    It may seem quite obvious just by looking at the name. This is a wager on the outcome of two specified numbers appearing on either of the three dice. It means that you won the combinations of two numbers and lost the other one. You can compute the payout at this point.

  • Triple Bets 

    In this situation, you can wager on either a particular triple or any three. If you bet on a specific triple, you can win if all three dice produce the same number. On the other hand, if the figure you anticipated comes up on either of the three dice, you score if you placed on any Combination.

  • Total Bets 

    This is the type in which participants wager on a figure that they predict will be the sum of the three dice. Total bets can be between 4 to 17 since the Triple one, and Triple 6 stakes comprise 3 and 18, respectively.

  • Odd Bet 

    Aside from any triple, the participants stake on the overall score of the three dice showing up as an odd number.  

  • Even Bet

    Aside from any triple, the participants stake on the game's total score to become an even number.

  • Small Bet 

    The players wager that the cumulative values of the three dice in a throw will be between 4 and 10. If all three dice show up with the same result, the stake is lost.

  • Big Bets 

    The players speculate that the overall sum of the three dice inside a single roll will be between 11 and 17. This type of bet is like a small bet, and it is lost if all three dice turn up with the same result.

  • Dice Combination 

    This happens when the participant puts the stake in the outcome of any two of the rolled Dice with the mix of two specific numbers.  

  • Three-Number Combination 

    The participant wins. I want the three-number combination he selected to become the roll outcome though this happens rarely.

  • Four-Number Combination 

    The player is allowed to gamble on a set of four numbers, with at least 3 of these figures appearing on the result of the triple Dice to win.

When playing Sic Bo, there are indeed a variety of alternative ways to make your bets, the majority of which you will discover after you start playing. Due to its simple structure, this game has a great deal to offer its players. And as long as you’re ready to experiment responsibly, you’ll have a great time with it.

Tips and Tricks in Playing the Sic Bo Game

By now, you may already know that Sic Bo is played mainly by pure luck. There is no such thing as perfect strategy in playing this because a win is dependent on probability alone. So, with that being said, you should be mindful and level-headed in your betting decisions. Like, you should first consult your budget if it is up for some entertainment. In playing this betting game, you may sometimes consider your money being lost before you begin to lessen the regressions.


So, for the last part of this guide, the best we can give you is some tricks and gameplay advice to make you last in the actual game.


1. Know when to stop 


Yes, the game is super fun as it is supposed to be. However, it would help if you were sane enough to know the limitations of playing. So, if you think it is hard to do when you’re in the actual game, try to think of it this way: This game could either be growing or risking your money. When you lose consecutively, you should take it as a sign to take a break. Never be a victim of impulsiveness.


2. Do not fall for temptations


Since this is a Casino type of game, there will always be a temptation to make you continue the game. Sometimes, you may want to show off and act confidently by betting on the outcomes that have the lowest odds but have the highest payout. Yes, there is a probability of winning, but it is significantly lower than the other ones. Little do you know that you are settling for less when you make this risky move. The probability of draining your money is much higher than you winning in this tactic.


3. Do not risk too much money 


Play for fun. Never play thinking that you will win tons of money because that is a wrong mindset. The best way to do this is to enjoy the game while keeping in mind that you may lose your money. So, how can you enjoy knowing that you may fail? Do not risk too much money. That’s the answer. It is more effective to last in the game when the player is not acting too impulsively.

Is Sic Bo Worth Playing?

Yes, Sic Bo is always worth playing. Aside from its enjoyable features, it may even help you unwind and have positive characteristics like patience, strategy and responsibility. Though, of course, there is a negative side to every game because it could be addictive and time-consuming. However, if you are a responsible person who wants to enjoy your time, definitely try this game!