How to Play Blackjack?

One of the most popular games in Singapore is Chinese blackjack. You will notice the many blackjack promotions during December and January if you are touring or visiting Singapore. Singaporeans love to play the blackjack casino game close to the Chinese new year, in February. Chinese blackjack is also called “Ban luck.” We will understand the name later on in the article. Why do they play so close to the Chinese New Year? Singaporeans believe that the months relative to the Chinese New Year come with a lot of luck. That is why you see every other person on the street excited to try their good luck.


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How Many Players Can Play the Ban Luck ?

Chinese blackjack is different from any other blackjack game worldwide because a player can have a special status, which means they can own up to five cards without getting busted. The other unique feature is that the dealer can select players to reveal their hands and even settle a bet. Besides, the dealer can hit again and continue showing the players’ hands. The dealers have this advantage because no one wants to be the dealer when playing a non-professional game. In a professional setting like an online casino, the dealer is limited to playing up to 17 points, and the dealer should immediately stand once they get to the 17th point.

Now that you have an overall idea, let’s understand some of the rules and requirements of the game. The following questions will guide us to understanding the needs of the game.

You are probably wondering how many friends you should bring to the Ban Luck game, and you should probably invite all your friends and colleagues. Chinese blackjack has no limit to the number of players, and you can play as many people as possible. However, having a large crowd without having a limit can get tedious because it will take a while to get to your turn.

On the contrary, there can only be one dealer in the game. However, you do have the option of switching dealers. The other important factor that you should remember is that the number of people determines the cards used. For this reason, you are allowed to use one or two 52-card decks.

What Is a BlackJack in a Game?

Have you heard of people calling or shouting “blackjack” at a casino? The word means that a player has gotten a total of 21 points with only two cards, which could be an ace and a 10.

What Is the Objective of the BlackJack Game?

At the start of a poker game, you can put bets in one of two ways. Players on the left of the dealer in Texas Hold ’em usually place a small blind wager equal to half of the minimum bet, while the sizeable blind stake is minimum wage.
You can also “ante up” the minimum starting stake, which implies that each player contributes a minimum starting wager to the pot.
Most poker varieties, excluding Texas, Hold ’em, employ the “ante up” strategy.

Instances Where a Player Beats the Dealer

Players can beat the dealer and get a reward when:

  • The player draws a card that sums up to 21 points with the initial two cards in a situation where the dealer’s hand value is less than 21.
  • The player draws a hand value that is higher than the dealer’s hand value.
  • The dealer draws a hand value that is greater than 21 points.

Instances Where You Can Lose to the Dealer

The dealer can win a round of blackjack when:

  • The dealer has a more excellent hand value than a player at the end of one game round.
  • The player has cards with a hand value that is greater than 21.

How Does a Player Calculate Their Hand Value?

As seen, we usually play blackjack with the 52-card deck. For the new players, the counting of the cards is almost similar to any other card game.

  • The cards from 2 to 10 count the value as the actual number displayed.
  • The cards K, Q, and J, represent the 10 points.
  • For the rest of the cards,
  • When a player has two cards, the ace represents 10 or 11 points.
  • When a player has three cards, the dealer can mean 1, 10, or 20 points.
  • When a player has 4 or 5 cards, the ace is worth a point.


Your main objective in the game is to get a hand value higher than the dealer. It would help if you were keen not to exceed 21 points because you will lose the game. The player should aim to have a minimum of 16 points. The dealer has to hit when a player’s hand value doesn’t amount to 16 points. In other cases, a player can surrender or continue with the game if the first two cards add up to 15 points.

How Do People Check Blackjack in Singapore?

When you watch the Singaporeans play a blackjack game, you will know that the blackjack games get serious. People’s emotions are high and vary from nervousness to anger, or both, depending on the game. Blackjack usually pays the players the exact amount of the money they have placed the bet. Therefore, each individual wished to get a Ban-Ban, Ban-Luck, Triple 7, or Dragon. These unique combinations are what make people keep checking their cards, including the dealer. The blends are essential because they affect both the player and the dealer more than once.


The player receives a ban-ban when they get two Ace cards and win three times the amount they staked. However, the player doesn’t win if the dealer gets an ace pair or a free hand.

The dealer wins the total bets of the players multiplied by three if he gets an ace pair or Ban-ban. In contrast, if the dealer gets a bang and ties with any player or gets a free hand, that is not a win.


A player receives a Ban-Luck when he gets an ace with a K, Q, or J card. The reward of a Ban-Luck is twice the price of the amount of money that the player staked. However, the player doesn’t get the bonus when the dealer receives a “ban-ban,” which means the dealer won. The player also doesn’t get a reward when the deal gets a Ban-Luck. The same rules apply when a dealer wins a Ban-Luck.

Triple 7

A player can win seven times the amount he staked if he gets three cards with the number 7. In contrast, if the dealer’s total points are equal to 21, the deal is invalid.


When he gets five cards, the player gets a dragon, and the hand value does not exceed 21 points. Therefore, the player wins twice the amount of money he staked.

If the dealer gets a dragon, he will get twice the players’ stakes.

15 points

The dealer has the option of folding or continuing with the game when he gets a free hand. If he decides to continue, he will collect all the cards, reshuffle them, and place bets again.

What Are the Steps to Playing Blackjack in Singapore?

Nowadays, there are many online Singapore casinos where everyone can access the blackjack game. If you are new to the game, you will need to first register for an online account. To help you out, here is a list of some of the top betting websites:

Step 1

You will need to deposit money into your betting site account and then stake the amount that you are willing to spend for that first round.

Step 2

When every player has staked their amount, the dealer proceeds to give out the cards. No player can see the other players' cards because they are placed face down.

Step 3

The players start playing the game by trying to score a hand score higher than the dealer. Every player will first check for blackjack. If there is no blackjack, the players have the following decisions to make: The players can add one card if the total hand value is less than 16. Therefore, the only option they have is to hit The players can also hit or stand when the total hand value is greater or equal to 16, as long as the points are not more than 21. The player can also stand when the total hand value is more than 21 points. If the player's total hand value is more than 21 points, then the player busts.

It is possible to have five cards on your hand if you don’t fold or bust during the game. At this point, if you have the five cards, you must revel in them. The conditions are as follows:

  • If you have the five cards and they are dragons, then you can collect your double bet. The money you receive will be twice more than the one you placed on a chance.
  • You can get a triple bet with five cards, equal to 21 hand value points.
  • You can also lose double the amount that you staked when your hand value points exceed 21.


The dealer is also part of the game, and he also has choices to make when playing the game. Therefore, he can hit more when:

  • If the total hand value of the dealer is less than 16, he can add one card.
  • The dealer can hit when the hand value equals 16 but less than 21 points. He also chooses to show some of the players’ hand values and then hit them again.
  • The dealer will reveal all the players’ cards when the hand value is equal to 21, and he can also bust when the total points are greater than 21.
  • If the dealer has five cards and a dragon, he can collect all the players’ stakes. The stakes that he manages are twice the amount of all the players’ bets combined.
  • The dealer can collect triple the bets from players with five cards if the cards amount to 21 points.
  • The dealer can also lose to players when he has five cards that exceed 21 points. The dealer loses double the stakes of all the players, whether they have busted or not.


The dealer also has an advantage over the players because he can reveal the players’ hands at any point in the game. The condition is that he maintains a minimum of 16 points.

The dealer can never lose when he ties with a player, and their hand values are equal. Besides, he also wins when his total points are more significant than a player or when the player bursts-the price doubles when the dealer has 21 points, which is the house rule.

However, when the dealer has a lower hand value than a player, the person wins. Besides, the prize winner for the player doubles if they have a hand value equal to 21.

Final Step

In the end, the dealer gives all the players their amount and collects all the cards. He then shuffles all the cards and waits for the players to get ready for the next round. The players then place the amount that they are willing to bet, and the process starts all over.

The good thing about the game is that you can withdraw at the end of any round. If you have lost money or are content with what you have won, you can fold at any point. Blackjack in Singapore is a fun way for people to test their luck for the coming year. According to Singaporeans, if you win, then you have a great year ahead of you. It would be best if you also bet wisely so as not to lose all your money in the hope of getting more or refunding the money you lost.

Finally, online casinos have made it easier for people to play virtually, especially when there are still several cases of COVID-19 patients. The other good thing is that you can play from the comfort of your bed on your phone or any other gadget. You are good to go as long as you have an internet connection or good Wi-Fi.