How to bet on CSGO in Singapore

Counter-Strike Global Offensive(CS:GO) is the biggest esport globally. Partly why it’s so big is that you can get excitement by playing or even watching the games on online platforms.

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What is CSGO and How is The Game Played

  • With CSGO betting being on the rise across the entire world, almost all traditional bookmakers are now picking up on this esport as a regular part of their offering. Matches are always being played online globally at different skill levels and in different leagues.
  • While there is a lot of different options to choose from, there won’t be questions asked when there is a huge amount of excitement to be taken when trying to bet on the games.
  • Choosing a website that is not based in Singapore and betting on a website that is over the borders, probably a company that is regulated by the UK is the best option. If betting on CSGO is new to you, there are some important things to know before going into it first.
  • Counter-Strike Global Offensive(CS:GO) is the biggest esport globally. Partly why it’s so big is that you can get excitement by playing or even watching the games on online platforms. Another huge part of the excitement comes from the number of wagers on the line. Counter-Strike Global Offensive may seem very simple at first with 2 teams of 5 with the goal of a bomb plant versus stopping the other team from trying to plant the bomb or diffusing the planted bomb.
  • Each team will have the chance to play on both sides. The Terrorist team will try to plant the bomb while the Counter-Terrorists will try to defend against that. On a surface level, it is easy to understand, however with a closer look into the game, it begins to get complex.
  • The game ends when one team win 16 rounds, with a game normally ending within 30 rounds, not including overtime. Meaning that both teams will have to plan efficient and effective strategies for almost all those rounds. This is where the complex part of the game happens.
  • Starting every round, both teams will acquire a certain amount of money, mostly based on their outcome of the previous round. Sometimes teams will have the required amount to buy the items that they best need to execute their plan. However, if they do not have enough money to do that, they will need to use a different directive by using tricks and tactics in order to get the best outcome. This will lead to very exciting gameplay that you can watch, especially in competitive competitions.

CSGO betting tips:

  • Betting can be scary especially to those who are trying it for the first time. As deep and complex it can get, you may want some help regarding this before jumping right in.
  • Understand exactly what you want to bet on. You will need to understand and have a good idea of the favourites and the odds in order to gamble responsibly.
  • Before betting on CSGO matches, understand the CSGO betting markets.

How to bet on cs go lounge:

  • CS:GO lounge is the most famous and oldest platform that allows players to bet on inventory items and matches or leagues like FACEIT and ESL. A plus point is that you can get a chance of winning $300 by betting on a single match of items. However, it is also the max amount that you can bet. You may want to get a 2nd steam account to put more bets.


  • You might want to take into consideration that the winnings are based on the odds which are variable. Calculating the ratio between the teams and choosing the right one would be ideal.

  • All you need is a steam account to get started on CSGO lounge. You can start betting on the website the moment you accept the terms and conditions specified.

Where to check cs go odds:

  • Look around for the best website that gives the best odds and detailed match analytics.
  • Bookmakers will provide players with a few odds types to choose. From rankings to winning streaks.

What are CS:GO betting odds:

  • Odds that are basically a bookmaker’s confidence in the desired outcome. An example would be:Team A has the odds of 3.1 to win a certain match, meaning that the bookmaker does not expect Team A to win, however, if Team A does win, you will get 3 times your bet.

What are Decimal odds:

  • Decimal odds are best explained with an example:Team A has 1.5 odds while Team B has 2.5 odds, you will get back $15 if you make a $10 bet on Team A. However, if you bet on Team B, you will get $25.

What are Fractional odds:

  • Fractional odds are one of the favourite bets in CS:GO. An example would be:Team A has a 5/2 odd while Team B has 2/5 odds. Betting $10 on Team A will get you $25 if they win and Betting on Team B will only give you back $4. The calculation to calculate potential winnings will be (10 * 1st number) divided by the 2nd number. It will be (10 * 5) / 2 as per the example.

Cs go skin gambling:

  • There are many different ways how Skin Gambling works. Betting skins gives sufficient opportunities to players that can use them to bet on.


Why not support the team you like the most and try it now at any online esport betting site! We wish you all the best and hope you have fun watching the games!