How to bet Dota2 Singapore

Defence of the Ancient (DOTA) 2 , is a 5 versus 5 with 2 different bases that needs to be defended from the enemy team. Every player has to choose a character or known as Heroes before the match begins, each hero has their own strengths and weaknesses. The aim of the game is to destroy the enemy team’s ancient thus the name.

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Dota2 bet predictions

  • Learn the basics of the game itself and understand how the game works.
  • Know who is playing in the team and their weakness and strengths.

Everything you need to know about Dota2 betting in 2021

  • Dota2 is a free to play video game. It is one of the biggest MOBA games with over 10 million players actively playing over the globe, and it is one of the most successful Esports ever. There is a professional circuit (known as the Dota Pro Circuit) that holds around 25 major tournaments per year and there are hundreds of professional teams competing. One of the best ways to add a little more excitement to Dota 2 events is by betting on them.
  • Major Dota 2 tournaments bring in stadiums of thousands of fans. Prize pools for even minor tournaments are also impressive, with the major tournaments giving away millions to the winners. The world championship is also known as The International takes place at the end of this circuit. The best 16 teams from across 6 different regions: Europe, CIS, China, Southeast Asia, North America and South America will compete in this event. This is the climate of the game for the year and normally have the biggest prize pool. Dota 2 Betting sites that offer odds on this event can give more excitement to even the biggest Dota 2 tournament.

How is competitive Dota 2 played

  • Dota 2 is straight up a complex game to learn. A lot of things are going on when in-game. High skill teams and the best Dota 2 players can do impressive things even with all the complications involved. Each match is played between the 2 teams of 5, in an area split down the centre. You need to understand how the more complex mechanics work in Dota 2 before betting.
  • A round normally lasts around 15 to 75 minutes, with a mixture of role-playing game elements and real-time strategy. There are 115 heroes for players to pick from every game. This is not simply just a choice of picking the best Dota 2 hero, but it has to also synchronise with their teammates in order to destroy the opposition’s Ancient that determines the winner.

What types of betting is available on Dota2?

  • Betting on a match result:

This will be the easiest way to bet, picking 1 side that is going to win the match. Dota 2 have matches that are normally played in a Bo1, Bo3 or Bo5(Grand Finals) format. This means the winner is decided with a maximum of 1,3, or 5 games, maps or rounds(same sets in Tennis). Organizers can choose a format that includes Bo2 matches in some tournaments. Matches may also end in a draw.


  • Betting on a match result with a map handicap:

Bookmakers will offer handicaps or advantages to teams based on what is expected from their previous performances. Meaning if a match is considered an easy win to a certain team, the market will level things out a little. An example would be if you’re going to bet on team A with a 1.5 map handicap against team B will mean that team A will only win the match with a 2-0 score. If team A wins with a 2-1 score, you will lose the bet because of the handicap, because the final score will be 0.5-1 in favour of team B.


  • Betting on the Occurrence of an Event:

This is a unique form of betting in which you are betting on a certain event that happens during the match. Examples are as follows: an Aegis getting stolen by any of the teams, a Courier getting killed, a player getting a Godlike streak or a player going on a Rampage.


  • Betting on the Team which will be the first to accomplish something:

Like betting on the occurrence of an event, this bet allows you to pick the team that will be the first to do something within a match. Examples are as follows: the team that will first kill Roshan or gets the first kill or destroys the first Tower or Barracks.


  • Betting on the tournament winner:

This bet opens before the start of a tournament, which allows you to choose the team that is going to receive the title. Since there are a lot of unknowns, the odds are normally going to be high for this type of bet.


  • Betting on the tournament finalist:

This bet opens before the start of a tournament, which allows you to choose a team that you predict are going into the Finals. Like betting on the winners, this bet is also unpredictable.


  • Betting on a tournament statistic:

This bet is open before the start of important tournaments, like TI(The International), which allows you to bet on things like the most picked hero throughout the entire tournament, the most banned hero, the hero with the highest GPM(Gold per minute) within a game and other stats of this kind.

Are there any bonuses for Dota 2 betting?:

  • There are many bookmakers that will offer some kind of new customer bonus to entice possible customers and reward a new bettor with a nice bonus.

Where can I bet TI in Dota2:

  • There are a lot of platforms that you can bet on TI, the most favourable platforms by the public are Betway, Pinnacle and Unikrn. Every platform has its own unique opportunities.

Dota 2 betting tips:

  • Know the markets:

The simplest way to bet in Dota 2 will be betting on the outcome of a match but it isn’t always the most exciting. Specific game events and outcomes bets can be more interesting and gives better odds as compared to just betting on the outcome itself. However, in such events, the odds are normally higher than the ones with winning the match in favour of the stronger team.

  • Look for specific signals and drafting strategies:

Look for hero line-ups that have an early game advantage and applies pressure on the enemy team. These are particularly used to counter hero drafts that defend until their late-game carry hero can entirely overcome enemy heroes. In these situations, the team that has the early game draft will normally be the one that gets the first Roshan kill. These types of strategies will help in making your decision to help you make a bet on Dota 2. Dota 2 gambling is not going to be entirely predictable, however knowing a bit more about the strategies used at play will be of big help.

  • Stay informed:

Roster changes, stand-ins, new game patches and other similar events can remarkably change the outcome of the match or tournament that you want to bet on. If you want to be a successful Dota 2 bettor, you will need to stay informed about these things as well.

  • Only bet what you can lose:

A lot of fun can be achieved from betting on Dota 2 games, however, you need to gamble responsibly and make sure it stays fun. Strategies like damage control that involves doubling bets is not always the best solution. Make sure only to bet the amount that you can afford to lose. The game stays fun this way and watching the games are even more fun when you bet. Most bookies will offer deposit limits that help with this. You might need to cool off for awhile if it is about betting instead of the actual game.


Why not support the team you like the most and try it now at any online esport betting site! We wish you all the best and hope you have fun watching the games!