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Smcrown - Singapore Online Casino Review

When you’re searching for a casino for Singapore citizens, you will find quite a few options. Unfortunately, most of them are not trustworthy.

We will today share our review of one such casino. We are speaking about Smcrown Singapore. Our Smcrown thing about online casino review will highlight every aspect of this casino. Once you go through it, it is easy to understand whether you should sign up with this casino or not.

Smcrown is one of the oldest casinos for Singapore citizens. It is also available in Malaysia. Not only that, it is consistently expanding its game database as well. Consequently, there are numerous options available when you’re looking for any game.

Ever since its launch, it has had a credible track record. That is why; it is undoubtedly a trustworthy casino.

We will now go into the other details of this casino to help you understand why it is a good choice.

Games and Promotions available at smcrown

We will now go into the details of the types of games that are available in this casino.


The casino allows you to bet on various sports. It does so with the help of various bookmakers. These include:

  1. MaxBet

Evidently, it offers you to bet on Virtual games as well.

With so many bookmakers available, it is easier to get the odds in your favor.

Live Casino:

Do you prefer live casino games?

If so, this casino offers you those types of games as well. Whether you want to play blackjack or roulette, there are quite a few options available. It sources these games from various providers like:

  • AE Sexy
  • DreamGaming
  • Asia Gaming
  • And so on

With the games sourced from such reliable providers, you can be sure that the live gaming experience is excellent.

Slot Games:

In case you love slot games, this casino offers you those as well. Whether you’re looking for progressive slots or normal ones, you can find all of them.

The providers through which it sources the slot games include:

  • SA Gaming
  • ICG
  • DreamTech

The ever-expanding list of slot games ensures that you are sure to find the type of slot games you are looking for.


Another advantage is that it allows you to play lottery games as well. It means that if you want to try your luck at lottery games, you can do so.

The providers from which it sources these games include:

You can certainly pick your lucky number and wait for the draw. The draws are short, which means that you will not have to wait for a long time to try your luck.


This casino has a unique offering as well. It streams cockfight games. You can bet on those as well.

With different types of games available, there is no dearth of options when you’re going with this casino.


There are numerous promotions as well as rewards on offer when choosing this casino. We will highlight some of them below.

  • You get daily check-in rewards as well. For example, on day 7 you get 5.94 Singapore dollars. On day 14, you get 12.54 Singapore dollars. To claim these, you have to check in daily.
  • There are exclusive casino member bonuses as well.
  • Besides that, you can get 13% of monthly cashback as well.

With these promotions, you get maximum value for your deposit.

Smcrown Mobile and App Review

Do you want to enjoy the gaming experience on your smartphone?

If so, this casino offers you the same as well.

It has a mobile responsive website. All the games available on the desktop website are available on the mobile website as well.

With the mobile responsive website, it becomes very easy for you to play all the games.

The advantage of the responsive website is that you can play the games from anywhere. You need not wait to get in front of the computer to do so.

Moreover, with excellent customer support, if you need any help while playing through your mobile, you can get that help as well.

It is another reason why you should choose this casino over others.


Smcrown Customer Service Support

The main highlight of this casino is that it offers different customer support channels. We will highlight all these customer support channels below.

  • The casino provides customer support over chat as well. It means that if you use this messenger, you can contact the casino.
  • It offers Whatsapp support as well. Whatsapp is highly popular all over the world. That is why; contacting the casino through this messenger is possible.
  • Additionally, it offers telegram support as well.
  • You can scan QR code and access the support channels of this casino. It means that gaining access to the support channels of this casino is undoubtedly easy.
  • Additionally, it offers live chat support. It means that if you want to get instant help, you can do so.

With so many different support channels, it is easy to get some help.

Additionally, the casino offers a new guide as well. It means that if you’re new to the casino, you can follow this guide easily. With this guide, you can know how to sign up, how to play games, and so on.

As you can see, the casino is beginner-friendly. Whether you have played in any online casino before or not, you can certainly sign up here and play the games easily. It is one of the reasons why you should go with this casino.



As you can see, this casino has a lot to offer. That is why, if you’re in 2 minds regarding this casino, we will recommend you to go with it.

The excellent credibility of Smcrown, coupled with excellent customer support, makes it one of the best casinos for Singapore citizens. The sourcing of games from the reputed provider certainly makes it easy to find the type of games you want. In a nutshell, once you go with this casino, you will not have any trouble. We recommend this casino for Singapore citizens.


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