Marathonbet doesn’t offer any bonus & freecredit, but sports odds are pretty high

MARATHONBET - Singapore Online Casino Review



Most of the online casinos that were established in the 1990s are considered suspicious among Russian bookmakers but MarathonBet has proved its potential to stay the market instead of disappearing after tricking its players. After obtaining a license in the UK and establishing its presence in almost all the European countries this online casino has earned enormous credibility among its players. As compared to bookies in Asia, the focus of MarathonBet is mainly on making their odds high and payouts amazing as well as fast methods of payment of withdrawals. The information provided here under will help you to know more about this online casino.

Welcome bonus by MarathonBet

At present MarathonBet is not offering any welcome bonus which can be a very disappointing feature for one of the best online casinos. Still, many players like to sign up with it due to various reasons.

Overview of MarathonBet

More than a decade back MarathonBet was established in the UK and become one of the best bookmakers online and a market place crowded by seasoned players. It is becoming a stronger bookmaker by building competitive and reliable odds. They are providing gambling services in various countries including the UK after obtaining a license from Curacao.

Fast pay-outs and multiple markets of sports are the two main ingredients in this online bookmaker. The growing number of customers has proven that MarathonBet is the best option even if it has not offered any attractive options.

You must consider MarathonBet football as an official betting platform in Manchester city if you follow the English Premier League as at present it is considered as one of the top English betting companies like Dafabet and bet365 etc.

How to sign up with MarathonBet

The process of signing up with MarathonBet is very easy. Just access the website of MarathonBet and click on the Join button at the bottom of the screen. You will land at the Registration page where you will have to fill up your personal information including your email address etc. and press on Create Account button. You will receive an email including a link on which you have to click to activate your MarathonBet account. You can start betting by depositing some money into your account.

Website of MarathonBet

Though the website of MarathonBet is simple but its design is informative and striking. Most of its pages include highlights of future sporting events along with the information of the markets and odds displayed on the screen. All the sports for which MarathonBet offers odds are listed on the left bottom of the screen whereas links to other parts of the website are on the right side of the page.

In the middle of the screen, you will find a list of the existing in-play markets to bet on. Moreover, it has also announced to offer online games and casinos to its fans.

In case of any problem, you can contact their customer service or click on Help or talk to the team of this bookmaker. The tab of Settings also allows you to personalize the website of MarathonBet to use it more effectively to see the displayed odds in decimal or fractional format.

Betting markets in MarathonBet

MarathonBet offers various types of betting markets to its users which may include the betting markets of:

Free bets of MarathonBet

Occasionally, MarathonBet also offers free bets but the turnover of these free bets depends upon the promotional offers.

Guaranteed best odds and AdvanceBets

MarathonBet also offers a feature of Advance Bet to place your bets and funded in advance by it. You can avail of this feature if your bets are not settled n your account. It allows you to use the proceeds of your unsettled bets to place bets on new events. In other words, this option allows you to place a bigger bet even if you do not have enough funds in your account. The funds will be advanced by MarathonBet which will be repaid by settling down the outstanding unsettled bets. MarathonBet also offers a lot of Enhanced odds form time to time to make it beneficial for its players. So you should be vigilant about such offers.

Mobile version of MarathonBet

MarathonBet has also offered an app that you can download on your android or iOS Smartphones to place your bet on the go. In this way, MarathonBet is also available as an app for mobile customers like other bookmakers online. So, after joining this platform you must download its app so that you can avail the benefits of enhanced bets and free bets whenever offered by MarathonBet.

To access the mobile version of MarathonBet you can use the browser of your Smartphone with Safari or Chrome if you are not interested in downloading its app.

Customer care

You can contact MarathonBet through a number of ways to resolve your problems while withdrawing or depositing money or placing bets. You can use Live Chat service from 7:00 am to 10: pm to contact the customer service team of MarathonBet to get instant answers to your questions directly from the advisor of the customer service. You can also use email, post, or phone to contact MarathonBet. All the users whether they are from the UK or not can also visit the contact us section of the website to get help from its team of professionals. Moreover, if the terms and conditions of the promotion allow, you can also visit the Help section to resolve your problems with MarathonBet. You can also go through FAQs provided on the website to find a probable answer to your questions.

Deposits and withdrawals

The bookmaker MarathonBet offers several ways to deposit and withdraw from your account with it. Moreover, it makes it very convenient for its users to make and receive payments in any currency. It also supports established online methods to make payments

Options to deposit with MarathonBet

You can deposit in your MarathonBet account very easily. You can press the Deposit tab after logging in into your account. Then you can select the method of depositing your money. In this section, you will have to fill up all the options and confirm by clicking on the Confirm button to get your account credited with the amount you have opted for. You can also use your Mastercard, Visa card, or any other eWallet, etc. for this purpose. Whatever method you choose to deposit in your MarathonBet account a minimum deposit of 5 pounds will be done instantly without any fee but for transfers form bank account the minimum amount should be 10 pounds.

Options of withdrawal from MarathonBet

ou can withdraw from your MarathonBet account if you have a few successful bets. Withdrawal of a minimum of 5 pounds through debit or virtual card may take 3 to 5 days without any withdrawal fee. For withdrawal through e-wallets like Neteller, eWallet, Mobile Payment, or Prepaid Voucher it may take up to 3 hours to transfer 5-10 pounds minimum without any fee. However, for bank transfer, the minimum withdrawal should be 200 pounds and it may take 3-10 days without any fee.

Thus you can choose the option of depositing and withdrawal from your MarathonBet account at your convenience.

Final verdict

Thus, MarathonBet is one of the best bookmakers for its existing and prospective customers as it guarantees to provide the best odds and free bets. These incentives have greatly helped in the growth of this platform of online betting. Though the absence of any bonus has affected a bit negatively still one can take full advantage of the facilities offered by this platform to compensate for the lack of bonus. This bookmaker has become the best online betting site by offering quality Odds and Advance bets for European competitions and the matches of the English Football League.