Under the Remote Gambling Act, M88 cannot operate in Singapore and is not available for placing bets from here.

M88 - Singapore Online Casino Review

As a casino enthusiast, you’re probably looking for a place to play some of your favorite games online without worrying about it being a scam of biased in some way. If this sounds like you then you have come to the right place. We’re reviewing one such website: M88 Singapore. In this M88 Singapore online casino review, we hope to provide you with all the necessary details you need to know before selecting this online casino as your go-to for casino games. Let’s begin.

Mansion-88, or M88

Mansion-88 is a name that probably rings a bell- especially if you have been a sports betting or casino fan in the last decade. The reason this name sounds so familiar is that it’s one of the biggest casinos and gaming organizations in all of Asia, expanding worldwide since the early 2000s.

To elevate their organization successfully to cater to various audiences, Mansion has expanded to the online casino platform. Mansion-88, or M88, as its commonly known, is the Asian online casino counterpart to the business, catering to audiences in Asia exclusively. M88 has been active since 2007 and complies with all American and international rules and regulations.



You’ll be happy to know that M88 Singapore is one of the most reliable online casino websites in the market. It has been licensed the Cagayan Economic Zone Authority.

Being authorized by the Cagayan Economic Zone Authority gives M88 validity in the Asian market, while also allowing M88’s website to be accessed by players from around the world. While they have brands like Mansion.com to support different regions as well, M88 has been created to cater to Asian audiences specifically.

eSports Betting Option Available

A fascinating thing to note when you go to M88’s website is that there are multiple menus for all sorts of eSports as well. Yes, with M88, you can easily wager on eSports as well- something which not many online casino websites have to offer.

So, if you’re a fan of eSports, then this is definitely the site to check out. You can choose from a big range of gaming events happening all around the world. If you want to bet on it, chances are that it’s there on M88.

Website UI

Unlike many other online casino websites that end up looking tacky and quite unprofessional, because M88 has an organization like Mansion behind it, the website is actually quite neat.

It is meticulously organized to make sure that everything is aesthetically appealing for the user so that it doesn’t get too overwhelming or off-putting. Furthermore, each online casino game has its own platform, software, and bookkeeper to guarantee professional conduct.

Amazing Promotions Offered

Something unique to M88 Singapore only is the way promotions are organized on the website. Not only is there a completely different section dedicated to promotions, but it is also broken down into several categories- going from game category all the way to a new member or returning member promotion.

If you’re a new member of the site or simply new in the casino games scene in general, this is the perfect place to be.

Massive Casino Game Selection

The number of games and varieties of games available at M88 Singapore for casino players is very impressive as well as staggering. In fact, it is so vast that if you’re interested in playing with a certain provider (maybe you like their graphics or are superstitious) then you can filter the games accordingly.


Slots games are available in a large quantity on this website and the reason why they’re one of the most popular games is quite obvious once you go to that section of the website.

Even though the game is the same as any other slot game available online, each server and/or bookkeeper has its own unique graphics, pay lines, bonus screens, and more to add more depth to the game. You can easily find one game that fits your mood and roll with it.

There are various slot games based on various themes to choose from.

Card Games

We’ve already established that M88 Singapore has been created with the Asian market in mind so it’s really no surprise that the team behind this website came up with something which would make it truly unique. Since there are so many options and bookkeepers available for you to choose from, you’ll be pleased to know that you can find different versions of your favorite casino game.

This does not mean that the graphics of the game will be different. In fact, in addition to different graphics and themes, there are even regional variants of your favorite game available!


Another very impressive casino game option available on M88 is Poker- or Video Poker, as it became popular in Asia after M88 introduced it into the market.

Admittingly, Poker is more famous in America than Asia but for audiences with an interest in this game, there are various poker platforms available on the website. Just check under the Video Poker section of the website.

Live Casino

Possibly the most unique feature of this website is the Live Casino option available for users which includes an actual dealer playing live with you. This particular genre of casino gaming has two options: you can either play with the AI or play with other players in real-time.

This means that you can easily play your favorite games like Baccarat, Blackjack, and others with other people live or even with the computer itself. The live casino feature makes M88 Singapore stand out from others primarily due to the fact that other websites do not offer both features of Live Casino at the same time.

Usually, websites offer the option of playing with the AI and focus completely on it or the other way around. M88 has actually upped the game by providing both services.

Specialty Games

Another feature of M88 which many websites cannot compete with is its specialty games section which includes games like Darts, Cash Fish, and others. While most people don’t really play specialty games on casino websites, it’s the thought that counts with this feature.

Promotions Available

As mentioned before, there is a separate section dedicated to promotion on M88 Singapore’s website and it is updated on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis depending on the game you choose and the kind of player you are.

Don’t be shy to check this out as the promotions pages often have exclusive discounts and coupons available which new casino players should definitely consider using if you’re afraid to lose your money.

Deposit and Withdrawal Options

As the site is primarily Asia-centric, it’s only reasonable to expect that payment methods more common in Singapore and other neighboring places are accepted by the website. You can easily use services like Online Pay and Alipay transfer to deposit and withdraw your earnings.

There is a list of deposit and withdrawal options available on the website to choose from so we do not worry about getting your money out. Chances are that your preferred payment method is probably there.

In addition to that, many Singaporean banks are also on the website’s list to deposit or withdraw the money directly from through money transfer.

VIP Program

In addition to all of these amazing services, M88 Singapore also offers a VIP program designed for the most loyal and consistent players who frequently bet on high prices. In order to be a part of this VIP program, you must have a total bet of at least $30,500.

The VIP Program is different from its normal service as M88 offers its VIP users some unique privileges not given to common users. First of all, you get live customer service which is not available to all customers.

Normal users have to contact customer support via email, but VIP users get assigned their own support person whom they can contact via Live Chat or WhatsApp during a game to make sure that nothing goes wrong.


In the end, we’d like to say that M88 is one of the oldest and biggest online casino and gaming options available on the internet. Since it has been designed with Asian audiences in mind, you shouldn’t be too surprised to know that it is preferred by people living in Singapore because of how excellent the service is.

After all, why go to another website when you have one designed for your country available at hand?

We think so too. M88 has all the necessary tools you’ll ever need to make sure that your online casino experience is absolutely top-notch. From its user interface to the multiple providers available for each game in a category all the way to its VIP Program designed with seasoned players in mind, M88 is a website you should definitely use.

Mansion really hit the spot when they decided to create M88 Singapore. It is perfect for all audiences interested in online casino gaming. Check out its features and benefits and start using it if everything feels right.