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LUXEBET88 Review

While choosing a casino, it is always a good idea to go with a trusted one. It is not that easy to find which casino is trusted and which one is not.
Today, we will review one such trusted casino. It goes by the name of luxebet88.
Our luxebet88 Singapore online casino review will highlight every aspect of this casino.
The casino has been around for some time. The reason why it has become so famous is because of its consistently expanding arsenal of games.
One thing which is for sure is that this casino certainly has a simple interface and numerous games on offer.
Besides that, it has various features which help it stand out. We will cover those features below.

LUXEBET88 Features and Services

The features of luxebet88 which help it stand out include:

  • Secure platform:

The website is SSL encrypted. Not only that, the platform in itself is pretty robust. The payment gateways are quite secure as well.

So, when you look at the security of this platform, there is nothing left to be desired.

  • Numerous providers:

The casino offers an ever-expanding range of games. The reason why it is able to offer so many games is that it sources games from many credible and reputed providers. These providers consistently launch newer and newer games. Some of the noteworthy providers include:

  • WinningPT
  • SA Gaming
  • Ezugi
  • Evolution Gaming
  • SpadeGaming
  • And so on

All these are reputed providers. They offer entertaining games. It means that you won’t have to sign up with any other casino once you go with this one.

  • Easy deposit process:

Luxebet88 allows you to deposit from local banks. It means that you will not have to worry about going through an elaborate procedure to deposit your money.

Once you do the transaction, the deposit will start reflecting quite quickly and easily.

  • Quick withdrawals:

With the vendor limit as high as 20,000 Singapore dollars, you cannot go wrong with this casino. How much ever you win, you can withdraw quite easily. Similarly, you can withdraw to the local bank, which is registered with the casino. It means that you won’t have to worry about waiting a lot to enjoy your winnings.

  • Covers various sporting events:

One of the main advantages of luxebet88 is that it offers sports betting options. Not only that, the casino covers hundreds of different matches every month.

It means that it is a one-stop solution for betting on various sports. The real-time adaptation ensures that you can bet pretty accurately.

The combination of these features certainly helps luxebet88 stand out.

Before you decide this online casino, take a look at the type of games on offer. We will cover those below.

Games and Promotions available at LUXEBET88

The type of games on offer include:

  • Sports betting:

The casino offers three different sportsbooks. It means that you can bet on hundreds of games throughout the month.

All the three sportsbooks above are highly reliable. The odds are updated in real-time as well. It means that according to the latest gameplay, you can bet on the game. It will undoubtedly increase your chances of winning.

Various sports are covered under the sportsbooks as well. It means that if you want to bet on sports other than soccer, then too, you have a lot of options.

  • Live casino games:

Luxebet88 sources live casino games from 5 different providers.

Each provider offers you various live casino games like roulette, blackjack, poker, baccarat, and so on.

The glitch free streaming mechanism ensures that you can enjoy the games easily.

The casino offers you a guide if you do not know how to play the game. Once you go through this guide, it will become easier to enjoy the live casino games.

  • Slot games:

Lixebet88 offers you numerous types of slot games. Not only that, it offers promotions for slot games as well.

The graphics of the slot games are quite attractive. Not only that, the entire gameplay is quite interactive.

It means that once you start playing slot games, you will enjoy them.

Since the sourcing is done from different providers, there are new slot games on offer every month.

The simple interface ensures that the type of slot game that you want is easy to find.

As you can see, in terms of slot games as well, this casino has an advantage.

  • Mini games:

Luxebet88 has announced that it will launch other mini-games pretty soon. It means that if you’re looking for different types of games, the mini-games section will undoubtedly come to your rescue.

With so many games on offer, you shouldn’t ignore this casino.

Before you decide, do take a look at the promotions available.

  • Promotions:

The casino makes it easy to get maximum bang for your buck. It does so by offering various promotions. We will cover these promotions below.

  • On your 1st deposit, you can get a 110% bonus.
  • As a new member, you get a 50% bonus on a $ 50 deposit.
  • The live casino reloads bonus ranges from 5% to 25%.
  • On slots as well, you get reload bonus between 5% to 25%.
  • 5% to 25% bonus is available on sportsbook reloads as well.
  • There is an option to earn up to 80% cashback on sportsbooks.

As you can see, the bonus options are pretty lucrative. You can tilt the odds in your favor by taking advantage of these bonus promotions.


Mobile and App Review

The luxebet88 casino offers you a mobile responsive website. The mobile responsive website helps you play every game available in the casino. That is why it is easy to enjoy gaming from anywhere in the world.

You can deposit and withdraw money from the smartphone as well. It means that you need not stay in front of the computer to enjoy the games.

Customer Service Support

Luxebet88 offers various support channels like:

  • Live chat support
  • Telegram
  • Whatsapp
  • Email

With all support channels, it becomes easier to resolve any query.


Luxebet88 not only has an excellent reputation but also numerous games on offer. The reliable platform provides you with entertaining games.

What more can you ask from a casino?

Since it ticks all the boxes, we recommend you to go ahead with luxebet88.