Important Changes to Venues of Some UEFA EURO 2020 Matches


  • Matches’ capacity in Munich are stated to hold a minimum of 14,500 spectators;
  • Seville will replace Bilbao as a scheduled venue;
  • All games expected in Dublin are re-located to London and Saint Petersburg.

Finally, today the UEFA Committee got the eventual confirmation from the local authorities of Munich, via videoconference, that all four coming matches of UEFA EURO 2020 in this city are capable of holding at least 14,500 spectators. Thus, Munich was also credited to be the perfect host location of the 2020 championship,

Later, the committee also drew out the changes to be made to the locations of some UEFA 2020 matches; details are as follow:

  • The four matches which were meant to be held in Bilbao shall be changed to Estadio La Cartuja in Seville, Spain. The Autonomous Community of Andalusia, which is in charge of these matches, stated its plan for welcoming visitors up to 30% of the total capacity of the stadium for the expected three games of Group E and another round of 16 games.

With these local authorities’ decision, it was inevitable that fans would have difficulty directly following the matches suggested to be played in their place. Thereupon, the UEFA, together with the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), suggested re-locating the matches to some other venue within that host country so that fans would eventually see live football games in stadiums after one year of persistent screen-following. As a consequence, there should be a great festive mood for all matches held in UEFA EURO 2020.

  • Three matches of Group E that were initially assigned to Dublin will take place at Saint Petersburg Stadium instead. Meanwhile, the stadium is already expecting three matches of Group B and a quarter-final.
  • Likewise, the round of 16 matches that were meant to be held in Dublin should be turned to London’s Wembley Stadium.

Aleksander Čeferin, the President of UEFA, shared their story of hard work with their associations and local authorities, with the ultimate goal of providing an ideal sports environment throughout the games. He also stated his excitement at the coming matches with spectators from everywhere, gathering for a big tournament of national football teams across the whole continent.

UEFA sincerely expressed its thanks to the two cities: Bilbao and Dublin. Their national and regional government, and all the local stakeholders of Spain and the Republic of Ireland, have been dedicated and professional partners throughout the years. Both cities are considered excellent venues for hosting future UEFA events.

UEFA also stated its gratitude to FAI – the Football Association of Ireland, plus its committed staff for the hard work and excellent collaboration. It is also eagerly planning to speed up the work with the eleven rest host associations to organize and deliver the most successful matches of the UEFA EURO 2020.


Regarding the matches to be canceled in Bilbao and Dublin, all tickets will be canceled. Impacted ticket buyers are eligible for a full refund equal to the value of their equivalent canceled tickets.

The further details for the ticket sales of re-organized matches in Seville, London, and Saint Petersburg will be readily available on and also informed via email individually to the existing ticket buyers.

Most importantly, Bilbao and Dublin’s existing ticket buyers are given priority to purchase on a first-come, first-served basis for future ticket sales of the corresponding re-fixed matches.

Ticket sales through the Participating National Associations sales programs shall be abiding by the regulations of respective fan clubs.

All fans are warmly encouraged to thoroughly look into the destination’s border restrictions and requirements of specific regions. Detailed information is available in the form of an event guide for spectators, on both plus the UEFA EURO 2020 App. You can find additional information about COVID-19 mitigation measures in the guide, along with supplemental travel information for every single host city.


In light of the unknown locations of most knock-out matches until the very end of the group stage, along with the currently strict travel restrictions in many countries, UEFA has issued the decision to cancel and accordingly, refund all the “Follow My Team” tickets.

In particular, the limit on the number of “Follow My Team” tickets will stay the same, and they are well reserved for the fans of qualified teams. Hence, depending on the respective fan clubs’ regulations, enthusiastic fans will still be able to buy the ticket at some later stages, in the best scenarios of their team progressing and travel restrictions getting lifted at short notice, allowing the fans to land at the match venue timely.


In addition to the changes in match locations, the UEFA Committee was reported upon the latest developments towards the so-called “Super League”. The new points include options readily open to UEFA and the specific steps worth taking.


“Follow My Team” ticket is a type of conditional ticket that allows fans to join in a knock-out-stage match performed by their favorite team, regardless of the match’s location. Should the team not make it further to that match stage, fans are entitled to a total reimbursement of the equivalent ticket after the tournament finishes.


“In the case of more tickets sold than the new agreed capacities in the replaced locations, what will happen?”

Should the number of tickets sold exceed the number of fans allowed in new stadiums, the committee will hold a fair ballot for determining which tickets need to be canceled, so they can abide by the decisions of governments of host countries. Fans that are unlucky in the poll are eligible for a refund with the printed value of the canceled tickets.

“What health and safety measures should I expect at the stadiums?”

Every ticket holder gets a dedicated 30-min entry time slot to reach their seat at the stadium. Facial masks are required all the time. Other measures might be temperature checks or COVID-19 rapid tests, but they vary per stadium.