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IBET - Singapore Online Casino Review



People have been fond of casinos for ages. It is one of the most popular forms of entertainment which has existed for a while. The integration of technology into the entertainment industry has changed almost all aspects of it. From now on, casinos are more than just slots and gambling. There are various kinds of games that are available at casinos now. Since casinos have now gotten online you can enjoy the experience of a traditional casino from the experience of your own home. You do not need to go anywhere, in fact, if you are out with your friends and are bored then you can access a live online casino to pass your time.

You can enjoy all the pleasures of a traditional online casino just by a click away. The competition in casinos has aggravated over the years, especially since most of the casinos around the world have all gone online. The growing trend in online casinos has shifted the trend wholeheartedly. Many people around the world have shifted their interests towards online casinos. There are over a million game sites around the world.

In online casinos, gamblers tend to meet each other. Online casinos have made life much easier for many gamblers and gaming enthusiasts. Every online casino plan on maximizing the casino experience for all its users. Casinos online can be very hard to find in Singapore. However, there are very few websites around the world that have been given a legal license in order for each of them to operate.

What is Ibet Singapore?

Finding an online casino is a very difficult task in Singapore, especially since Singapore tends to regulate online casinos out. In case you are having trouble finding an online casino for you then you should definitely consider checking Ibet Singapore out. Ibet Singapore is an online live casino that is suitable for those who are fond of betting. If you want to enjoy betting and try your luck in it then you should definitely consider visiting Ibet casino. You will be surprised to see how many possibilities are available.

Ibet is a website that is filled with a series of various kinds of games. If you are interested in gambling, betting, and playing online casino games then there are a lot of options that are available. You will enjoy spending time online over there. Ibet Casinos are all about modern development and due to this, they make sure they keep updating their site based on modern-day preferences. Ibet is internationally recognized.

It attracts a large number of audiences from all around the world. However, Ibet still tends to attract a selective number of audiences. It does not have a huge user base. Only a few people tend to use Ibet. This is one of the best things about Ibet. It curtails any kind of scams that are usually caused in online casinos. Ibet Singapore makes sure that it monitors every one of your users in order to make sure there are no scams or thefts online. All betting sites on Ibet tend to be licensed. They are registered legally. If you really are interested in betting the Ibet is the perfect place for you.

Why Ibet Singapore?

There are many online casinos that are easily and readily available, so what exactly makes Ibet Singapore different? Of course, there is no doubt that Ibet casinos tend to have the same kind of features as most online casinos tend to do. However, whatever the case there must be there are certain things which make Ibet different. These things are as follows:

Customer Service

It is very easy to have access to helplines on Ibet Singapore. If you ever feel like you need assistance with anything then you can always turn to their customer care service and they will be very happy to assist.

Apart from this, when you go onto Ibet website the live chat option is available right on the website. There will always be an operator available at the end who will be willing to sort out all your issues in time without any hurdles or obstacles. Ibet is also very user friendly which means that anyone can access it very easily.

Legal License

Every casino activity which is conducted online has been licensed and registered. Ibet abides by the gambling and casino laws of Singapore. You do not need to worry about any legal issues as Ibet has a registered license and operates in Singapore on the basis of that alone.

Easy Money Operational options

Ibet also has partnerships with a range of different financial institutions. This makes all monetary transactions very easy to carry on. Since Ibet is a registered online casino, it is very easy to access finances from there and they are carried out through the proper channel.

Reliable Users

Ibet does not have a large customer base as compared to other online casinos. In fact, a select few people register and use Ibet to make online biddings.

This is a good thing as the smaller the community the less danger there is of getting scammed by someone. Ibet makes sure that it takes valid and accurate information of all its users and this makes sure that theft and forgery are avoided at all costs.


When you sign up to Ibet, you agree with the Terms and Conditions form. This is a legal document that you sign. It ensures that all users are valid and verified.

IBET Features

  • Games and Bidding

    Ibet specializes in bidding. It is an online bidding casino, which offers tonnes and thousands of bidding options into your doorstep. It is very easy for you to even access your areas of interest. There is a vast range of sports you can choose and decide to bid upon. The sports bidding option stretches out from traditional to modern sports. Apart from bidding, you can even enjoy the perks of various kinds of casino games. There are over a thousand games you can choose from. Some of the most popular casino games such as Blackjack can be played at Ibet. There are also many slot games available. The slots at Ibet are free in the first round for new Ibet members.

  • Payment Methods

    The payment methods at Ibet are extremely convenient for all its users. Whether you are planning to withdraw money or deposit it, you really don't have to worry much about it. Depositing money is always much easier as compared to withdrawing. You can deposit money via your debit or credit card, and even through an online e-wallet application. You can withdraw payments very easily too via MoneyGram, Western Union, or any other payment options which are readily available. Payment options such as PayPal are extremely useful as well. Apart from this, Ibet tends to have its own set of payment processing systems. You can withdraw money easily from this system as well since Ibet has business with many such financial companies.

  • Bonuses and Promotions

    Just like every other online casino out there, there are lots of bonuses and promotions which are easily available. However, unlike other casinos, the bonuses and promotions you find at Ibet are slightly more different than others. All new players or users who tend to join Ibet get an RM18. You do not need to deposit a bonus in order to receive this award. Those in search of a 100% bonus seem to get free money by the casino. There is a presence of iPoints for iPhone users. You have to collect them daily to win games.


If you really are into betting and gambling, then Ibet Singapore is the perfect place for you. You won’t get disappointed at all. In fact, Ibet is an online casino where you will access the exact experience of a traditional casino. You will be surprised to see how exciting and fun this entire system of online casinos really is. The best thing about Ibet Singapore is that you can easily access it from everywhere and anywhere. Ibet is the perfect place for those who are gambling and betting enthusiasts. You can easily rely on this website and you won’t be disappointed at all. If you still are not sure, then you should definitely check the website out.

Ibet is a user friendly interface too which suggests that you don’t need to be some sort of a tech expert in order to access it. You can easily do so without any worries or restrictions. Ibet Casino is the perfect place for those who want to experience first time betting too. With a smaller number of users, there is less competition too.