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Under the Remote Gambling Act, bet365 cannot operate in Singapore and is not available for placing bets from here.
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365BET - Singapore Online Casino Review



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If you are just starting out in the world of sports betting, know that you will still hear a lot about the best-known bookmaker in the world: Bet365.

Founded in 2000 in the United Kingdom, Bet365 has a huge presence all over the world and is a leader in the sports betting industry.

It is usually the first option of every beginner bettor since it is a betting site where good service, and the number of betting options, and ease of use are all present in a single system.

It is a website that covers events around the world 24 hours a day in addition to a major stand-out factor that is the bet365 live broadcasts of dozens of competitions, such as football, tennis, basketball, and horse racing.

To better understand the service, here is a Bet365 online casino review for Singaporeans:

  • Customer Support

    Customer support is an important factor in any business, but it is particularly important when your money is on the line. A great betting website needs a team that is very well prepared to answer any questions or unforeseen circumstances that may arise to its customers. In this regard, Bet365 is fantastic. Whether by email, phone, or instant chat, Bet365 has an impressive infrastructure to serve its customers. The company also organizes the most important information very well and clients are able to get any issues to be quickly solved. Bet365 also offers telephone return calls and a helpful FAQ section and very clear rules.

  • Mobile-Friendly

    The bet365 app is available for all of the main operating systems, including Android and iOS. In addition to watching live sporting events, completely free, you can place your bets from the comfort of your couch, or from inside a stadium or arena. All in your palm. In addition, the bookmaker also offers a super complete mobile website, which offers all the features of the desktop version. The mobile site will open automatically as soon as you type on your mobile device or tablet and can serve as a good alternative to the app.

Betting, Odds, and Live Streaming

When it comes to live streaming, we can classify Bet365 with maximum excellence.

There is no other service in the industry with so much variety for live betting.

You can have almost 90% of the games on the pre-game menu going live on the Live Score. That is, the bettor can rest assured that a LOT of variety is what he will have with Bet365. It also offers many secondary lines, and alternative markets, even for low visibility games.

Another very pleasant function, and used by many bettors, is the cashout option for bettors.

This function, which consists of allowing the bettor to close a bet automatically with the event still taking place, can ensure a profit, or minimize a loss, is also possible to do even before the game starts.

When it comes to odds, Bet365 is not the best on the market, but it is certainly amongst the best.

Bet365 is always at the top of the list of best odds from bookmakers in Europe. It loses only to certain Asian betting services. However, those are generally more suitable for more experienced bettors. It is always valid to compare odds from different bookmakers to decide where to invest your money with, but Bet365 will always be in the spotlight when you make comparative research.

This doesn’t mean that Bet365 is a house for you to discard just because it has lower odds than some of its competitors.

Actually, it’s far from it, since Bet365’s other features and positives make it a worthy choice for bettors.

The fact is that Bet365’s predictive and statistical models are one of the best on the market. Their confidence in this system is so high that they are able to offer good odds and still maintain their profit margins.

Bet365 is always on the lookout for abuse such as duplicate accounts and users who combine betting on the same game covering all results, making it a more fair playing field.

As it relates to betting options, Bet365 is probably the best in the market.

You have more than 30 betting options. Some of their betting sports include:

  • Basketball
  • Boxing/MMA
  • Horses race
  • Darts
  • Winter sports
  • Virtual sports
  • Soccer
  • Football
  • Handball
  • Rugby
  • Surfing
  • Sneakers
  • Volleyball
  • And many others.

Bet365 Safety

If you have any questions about whether or not to trust this betting site, please be aware that Bet365 has more than 22 million customers around the world. It is an extremely relevant number, since the site has a high level of approval from its users, and unsafe services would never reach such a number of users.

Now that you know how to bet and play at Bet365, it never hurts to reinforce the most important issue of all: security. Having millions of gamblers is already a great sign, but we want to give you a reason to believe that Bet365 is reliable. Below, we highlight some important points:

  • The company has a license issued in Malta, where Bet365 has its headquarters. Therefore, it is a legal site.
  • The entire website has SSL encryption, giving greater security to personal and financial data.
  • Payment methods are intermediated by serious institutions.
  • Support provided 24 hours a day.

Betting with Bet365 is to be sure that your money is very safe and will be well taken care of, without having to worry about any type of problem related to security.

And of course, if something goes wrong with the Bet365 bonus code or deposits, there needs to be good a support system. And as seen before, Bet365 has stellar customer support. Speaking of bonus codes…

Welcome Bonus and Promotions

When someone starts to take an interest in sports betting, they soon learn about the entry/welcome bonuses that are offered to new players.

Bet365 is famous for its clear, straightforward, and very advantageous welcome bonus.

When you make your first deposit, Bet365 offers you a bonus of 100% of the value. As long as your first deposit is between $10/€5 and up to $60/&euro, you are eligible for this .

However, it is extremely important to know the Terms and Conditions of the welcome bonus.

Although the prerequisites to take advantage of this bonus are not very strict, and virtually every new player can take advantage of it, it is important to confirm that it can be used in the way you expect it to.

As such, it is important to mention that, when ordering, you will need to fulfill the rollover. This is the name given to the minimum bet amount that must be placed before requesting a money withdrawal (this is a protection from Bet365 so that players do not withdraw the bonus money right away).

The good news is that Bet365’s rollover is the lowest on the Market amongst trusted sports betting services. You can withdraw the bonus amount added to the deposit once at minimum odds of 1.20.

That is, if you deposited $10 and received an additional $10 in bonuses, you must place bets at odds equal to or greater than 1.20 which total $20 before requesting a withdrawal. On other platforms, this process may require four or five times the total amount of Bet365, which makes the process much simpler and easier.

Regular clients are sometimes gifted with high-value, limited-time promotions that include anything from direct account credits to special conditions for specific betting combinations. These promotions usually happen during big events and can be a great way to get free value.

Deposit & Withdrawal

The options for depositing at Bet365 today revolve around 14 different ones. Among them are the most common ones (credit cards, debit cards, Paypal). You must make this deposit through the deposit’ page where you can also select, add, and edit payment information.

There is no fee to make a withdrawal, which is a big plus. Just click on Withdrawals and you will see its different withdrawal options. All you have to do is choose the one that best suits you.

The withdrawal’s deadline is generally within 24 hours, but it might be 5, 10, or 28, depending on the chosen method.

In Conclusion

Bet365 is a complete betting platform that can satisfy a wide variety of customers, from the most beginner to the most experienced.

It has one of the best odds in the online casino industry, but where it truly shines is in its numerous leagues, cashout system, being able to place multiple automatic bets with the exclusive system, quality customer support, and many other important factors that will make this a great sports betting choice for anyone looking to bet online.