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3king88 Review

Normally, when you’re new to online casinos, you have to go through a learning curve to understand how to play. However, there are a few casinos that guide you at every step. When searching for a suitable online casino, it is good to go with such a casino.
One such casino is 3king88. Our 3king88 Singapore online casino review will help you understand what it offers that the other casinos miss out on.
Firstly, ever since its launch, there has been no successful lacking attempt on 3king88 casino. It speaks volumes regarding the level of security on offer. Besides that, it is easy to understand the interface as well. It means that when you want to find any game, sign up, or contact support, all of that is easy.
Once you look at the features below, it will become easier to understand how it excels.

3king88 Features and Services

The features which make this casino stand out include:

  • Thousands of players:

The casino displays on its home page the number of players who have been online. In the past, there have been over 70,000 players online per hour on the casino. It means that the casino can handle a whole host of players.

Secondly, it also indicates that the casino is quite credible as well. It is another reason why you should choose this casino over others.

  • Quick deposits and withdrawals:

The average deposit time is just 3 minutes. The average withdrawal time is 7 minutes.

With quick deposits and withdrawals, you can enjoy your money and start playing the games you like without waiting for a lot of time.

  • Licensed platform:

When you look at the homepage of this casino, you will understand that it has licenses from 3 different jurisdictions. Only a credible casino platform has licenses from 3 jurisdictions.

Also, the casino is transparent enough to display those licenses on its homepage as well. It means that when going with this casino, you will not have to worry about unfair practices. It follows all the industry protocols. That is why; you should choose this casino over others.

  • Excellent Interface:

When you visit this casino website, you will realize that the interface is easy to understand. Whether you want to play slots, live casino games, or any other games, it is certainly possible to do so.

With an ever-expanding list of games, finding entertaining games is easy as well. It will take you less than 2 minutes to find such games.

  • SSL encrypted platform:

Most casinos are SSL encrypted. It means that nobody can intercept the data. The same is true for 3king88 as well.

The SSL protection provides an additional layer of security to the casino.

It means that when you want to deposit your money or withdraw your money, you can be sure that it is entirely safe to do so.

Your details are also safe.

With such features, ignoring 3king88 is a mistake.

We will now highlight the games on offer by this casino.

Games and Promotions available at 3king88

The casino offers hundreds of different games. Not only that, it categorizes those games as well. That is why finding the right game is easy.

  • Live casino games:

If you like blackjack, poker, roulette, all these are categorized under the live casino games on this casino.

With the help of live streaming, you can enjoy these games easily. The knowledgeable dealers ensure that the games are entertaining and all the rules are followed as well.

  • Slot games:

The casino has hundreds of slot games on offer. You can go with progressive slots, three reel slots, five reel slots, and even video slots.

There is never a dull moment with slot games in this casino with attractive graphics and audio.

  • Sports betting games:

Do you love esport?

How about you bet on the same sport?

The casino offers you this luxury as well. With the help of an extensive sportsbook, you can easily bet on hundreds of different games.

The games are streamed live as well. It means that when betting on the games, you can easily watch the games as well.

You can place the bets as per the happening in the game as well. It means that using your sports knowledge to bet on sports is certainly possible.

  • Lottery games:

The casino offers various lottery games. With frequent draws, it is easy for you to try out your luck as well.

The amount of money that you need to buy the lottery tickets is also on the lower side. It means that enjoying the lottery games is undoubtedly easy.

  • Esports:

In addition to betting on sports, the casino also allows you to bet on electronic sports. It means that you can easily bet on games like counterstrike, call of duty, and so on.

With more and more players preferring to bet on esports, this casino offers you that avenue as well.

The casino’s game selection is such that irrespective of the game you are looking at, this casino offers the same.

  • Promotions:

Another advantage is that it has various promotional offers. We will cover those promotional offers below.

  • The welcome bonus is up to 110%.
  • If you play slot games, you get 5% bonus as well.
  • If you’re betting on these sports, you can get 3% extra deposit. Not only that, there is a 15% rescue fund for the same as well.
  • Slot games offer unlimited cashback up to 0.5%.
  • Sportsbook betting also offers unlimited cashback up to 0.5%

As you can see, the number of promotions on offer are plenty. That is why you can easily maximize the value of your money when going with this casino.

Mobile and App Review

The casino has a responsive website. The responsive website allows you to bet from anywhere.

The casino allows you to download android and iOS smartphone app from its website. That is why, if you want to bet using the app, you can do so.

With so many avenues to bet on this casino, there is no reason why you shouldn’t go with this one.

Customer Service Support

There are numerous options when it comes to support channels as well. These are:

  • Live chat support
  • WeChat
  • Whatsapp
  • Email

With the help of 24/7 support channels, it is easy to contact the casino. Along with that, you get a large FAQ section as well. The FAQ section will solve most of your doubts as well.

In terms of support, 3king88 does not lag anywhere.


3king88 does not disappoint you when it comes to games, security, or support. The entertainment quotient is excellent as well. Keeping all these in mind, we recommend you to go with 3king88.